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Hi everyone, sorry for not posting in awhile. For this post, I thought it would be fun to share some of my most recent purchases!

  1. Red lipstick. This is probably my favorite and most used of all my new purchases. I’d been wanting a new red lipstick, but I wanted to be able to wear it in the summer. This color is absolutely perfect! It’s a bright red that fits the warmer months, but I feel like it’s not too over the top for every day casual wear. I also like that it’s easy to apply and I don’t need to wear lipliner. Usually I just swipe it on as I’m leaving and I’m ready to go.
  2.  Body suit. I have to say, with the current body suit trend that’s been happening, I was a little skeptical. I was reminded of the leotards I used to wear to dance class. However, I must say that I actually am a fan. I love a nice tucked-in look, but it’s always such a hassle, so the body suit is a good way to accomplish that look. If you follow on instagram (check it out!), you might have seen me in the olive green body suit under my leather jacket. It was so easy to pair with jeans and my jacket for a quick dinner with friends. Because of the jacket (and because I was facing forward), I wasn’t able to show off the cute, lace-up back detail (see picture above). The lace-up back was definitely what sold me on this purchase; I’m loving all things lace-up right now! I wasn’t able to find my exact version online, but Forever21 has so many cute (and affordable!) options you can’t go wrong! I personally have my eye on these: 1, 2, 3.
  3. Hat. Although I haven’t worn it yet, I am so excited to break in this new hat! I’ve been wanting a straw, boater-style hat, so when I tried this one on in Nordstrom I knew I had to have it! I also like that this hat has a brown ribbon. Usually you see boater hats with a black ribbon, so I thought this hat was unique. I can’t wait to pair it with summer dresses and sandals.
  4. Romper. As soon as I tried this romper on in Urban Outfitters, I knew it was a winner.  I’m in love with the cut-out in the front. I’ve been seeing a lot of this type of cut-out lately and I just think it’s so cute.
  5. Pajamas. I substituting picturing my pajamas with the Victoria’s Secret bag because they’re in the wash. I wore them to bed the day I bought them! When I was shopping with a friend, we stopped in to check out the 40% off sale on all clothing and loungewear. Can I just say, I am so sad that the company won’t be making pajamas anymore. With this in mind, I couldn’t resist snapping up this cute pink short set. I’ve never felt pajamas so soft!

That’s it for my recent purchases. I hope you liked the post and don’t forget to follow on Bloglovin‘!

xo, Carey

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