Vacay Vibes


Top: South Moon Under. Skirt: PacSun. Belt: PacSun. Shoes: Steve Madden. Purse: Kate Spade.

Hello from the beach! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I can’t wait to be sharing a lot of new content I’ll be creating this week on vacation. The look above is one that I’m so excited to be sharing with you as most of it was brand new!

First, I want to start off with the top. How cute is it?! Typically, I shy away from bold prints like this one, but the eye catching color combination of hot pink, mint green and navy blue drew me in. Of course, the fact that it’s an off the shoulder top (one of my favorite trends) didn’t hurt. For me, this top just screamed “vacay” when I was shopping at South Moon Under with my mom.

Next up is my denim skirt. I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned yet, but I’m a wee bit obsessed with denim skirts. I cannot even begin to express how much use my button down denim skirt has gotten since I bought it last summer. Although the button front trend is still alive and well, the distressed denim skirt look has been making an appearance. As soon as the trend started popping up, I new I had to buy my own. For some reason though, whenever I saw a version that I liked, it would be completely sold out in my size. Just by chance, on a shopping trip with a friend I walked into PacSun and saw one left in my size! I can’t wait to pair this skirt with a white tee or even sweaters in the fall. My advice, if you don’t already own a distressed denim skirt, buy one. Buy one now.

Along with my denim skirt, I also happened upon this adorable belt in PacSun. I have to say, when I saw the belt I thought I struck gold. Ever since I saw the pics of Kendall Jenner stepping out (in Paris??) with a double buckle belt, I’ve been dreaming of my own. Of course the only one I could find was the version she has, which was waaaay more than I wanted to spend on a belt, so the search died a sudden death. Fast forward to last week, after giving up the search awhile ago, I found a double buckle belt for only $25!

I finished the look with my go to summer shoes (last seen here), a pair of nude mules from Steve Madden. They go with everything I own, and I even wear them to work as a summer intern. And, as it just so happens, my mint green Kate Spade purse blended perfectly with the blouse to top everything off.

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