One Piece


Swim suit: Nordstrom. Sunglasses: Nordstrom.

The summer trend I was both in love with and fearful of would definitely have been the one piece bathing suit. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I owned a one piece bathing suit, I’ve always been strictly a bikini girl. That being said, I feel like I was bombarded by photos from blogs, magazines and instagram accounts of cute one piece bathing suits. By the time May hit, I knew that I was going to try and jump aboard that trend.

After weeks and weeks of looking for the perfect one piece, I saw this adorable white one online at Nordstrom. Unlike some one pieces, this white version (I think it’s only left in black or red, but both are so cute!) by Becca still seems fun and not frumpy which I was initially fearing. The mesh detailing and plunging neckline make this one piece anything but boring.

After purchasing this one piece, I was asked by lingerie and swimwear company, Adore me, to join their campaign in spreading one piece love. Given that I had already fallen in love with mine and was planning on sharing anyway, I thought why not? I definitely wanted to share my thoughts.

Given that I was wearing my swim suit to the beach, I preferred a no fuss look. In my opinion, the only accessories you need are a cute beach bag and some sunnies! My sunglasses are also from Nordstrom and only cost $12! Although I couldn’t find my exact pair, there are tons of other cute ones. My philosophy is that the beach is the perfect time to try out fun sunglass trends and not break the bank. I’m not going to bring my designer glasses just to mess them up with a combo of sea water, sand and sunscreen. Spending $12 on trendy glasses that may get ruined is the perfect alternative.

If I haven’t convinced you that one pieces are a must, check out Adore Me’s instagram for some inspiration by the company and other bloggers!

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