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Happy Tuesday! I know it’s been awhile, but since I’ve been back at school I haven’t had my photographer (aka my mom). Anyway, everywhere I turn I can’t help but to see fall fashion, I mean just look at New York Fashion Week instas. With all of this inspiration, I’m reading to break out my sweaters and boots and grab a pumpkin spice latte. Unfortunately, I’m in North Carolina and will be stuck in summer clothing for a little bit longer. But, while I’m rocking my jean shorts and summer tops, I’m dreaming about what I’ll be wearing when the weather starts to cool off.

Cool weather isn’t the only thing I’m dreaming of though, because this January I’m taking a winter term class in Italy! For the past two weeks all I’ve been thinking about is what I’m going to wear as I’m touring the Colosseum and eating my gelato. Here is just a few things that have made it onto my Italy/fall clothing wish-list:

  1. Short Sleeve Lace Top.
  2. Long Sleeve Lace Top.
  3. Vinyl Skirt.
  4. Printed Dress.
  5. Lace Bib Front Dress.
  6. Velvet Booties.

This fall it’s all about luxe. Textures like lace, leather, and velvet (and fur too!) are taking the spotlight. If I had to some up my interpretation of fall fashion I would call it a mix between 1920s glamour, Victoriana detailing, and folky prints and colors. This season be sure to stock up on pieces in burgundy and deep green, you can’t go wrong!

Hope you enjoyed my Fall Mood Board/Italy style inspo. Let me know your favorite fall trends below, and don’t forget to follow on Bloglovin’!



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