Bag Spill

Today I wanted to share with you all what’s in my bag. I think the things people choose to carry around with says a lot about that person (spoiler: my bag says I’m a lipstick junkie). I’m someone who likes small purses, so obviously that limits what I can and cannot carry around with me. So, here’s what’s  in my bag:

  1. The bag itself. I got this purse for Christmas maybe two years ago? I’ve gotten new bags since then, but I always fall back on this one. You can’t go wrong with a black bag, and I like the design of this option too. Usually, Michael Kors bags are made with saffiano leather, which looks nice, but makes the bag even heavier. This bag is made with a much smoother, lighter leather which I love. I’m also a fan of crossbody bags in general. Although I don’t actually where them across my body (I prefer just on one shoulder), I like to stay hands free with my bags. Like I said, this bag is at least two years old, but I’ve linked a similar version here. The design is the same, but it is made of the saffiano leather I mentioned before.
  2. Wallet. Also, from Michael Kors, I really love this wallet. I choose the neutral snakeskin pattern because it goes with a lot of my other bags when I want to with out. Like I said before, I typically go for smaller bags, so I need a smaller wallet. I like this one because while it is small, I can fit a lot in it (although it takes some shoving on my part). Again, I couldn’t find my wallet online (even though I only got it back in the spring), so here is a similar option.
  3. Sunglasses. Ok, I seem to be having a Michael Kors theme going on, but I seriously love these glasses. They shape is just a touch trendy which I love, but not too over the top to be classic. I almost always have sunglasses when I leave my apartment; I literally cannot drive without them. I read once that blue eyes tend to be more sensitive to the sun, so maybe that’s my problem, but sunglasses are essential.
  4. Microfiber cloth.This usually comes with sunglasses when you buy them, but if you don’t have one I provided a link to some that you can buy from Amazon. Not only are these great for cleaning my sunglasses, but I also use my cloth to clean my phone as well.
  5. Nail polish. This is sort of random to have in my bag, but the nail polish has been in there for months when I took it with me to get a pedicure. But, who knows? Maybe I’ll have a time when I’m not home and I really want to paint my nails?
  6. Lipstick. As you can see, I actually have three different lipsticks in my purse from NARS. The first that I linked is my newest lipstick in Bette. I love the deep bordeaux color of this lipstick, it’s so perfect for fall. I also have Charlotte, which is a nice burgundy color I bought last fall, and Lana, a super bright orangey-red I got over the summer.
  7. Lip balm. Obviously I have an obsession with lip products. But, I think lip balm is essential. I really like this version from Burt’s Bees because it’s slightly tinted to give my lips a little color, and just really hydrates them when I need it.
  8. Hair supplies. Unless I specifically style my hair, I never really know what it’s going to do. Also, sometimes you just need to tie your hair back. The first item I linked is for the hair ties I use. I need to slightly thicker hair ties for my hair to actually stay up, but I just use regular ones from Target. I also cannot live without my hair clips. I use them all the time, and they’re constantly going missing, so I usually have one or two in bag for emergencies or as a back up when I can’t find them anywhere else. Last but not least, bobby pins. I actually don’t even use bobby pins that often because they don’t do that much for me. But, every now and then they come in handy. I like that the ones I bought came in case so I don’t lose them or have bobby pins all over the place.
  9. Keys. This is pretty self explanatory. Although, to be honest, I don’t know what all of the keys on my key ring are for… Also, gotta have that gym membership card on your key ring!

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a happy Monday!



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