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So last week I was bored and decided to watch something on Netflix. I came across How to Get Away With Murder and I was hooked. I never binge watch shows, but this one I did. I’m so obsessed with this show. One thing I love about the show is the style, especially Laurel’s. I’m in love with all her outfits and her makeup (also I completely ship her and Frank!). Once I saw her makeup, I knew I needed to recreate it. After playing around with my makeup for awhile, I think I have it down, so I wanted to share this tutorial with all of you. And on a side note, if you don’t watch How to Get Away With Murder, I highly recommend.


To start this look, like always, I start with a primer. I got this sample from smashbox in my birch box and I really love. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to those with oily skin, but personally I like the added moisture it gives my underneath my makeup. After that I used my beauty blender to apply my usual bareMinerals foundation and concealer. Of course I have to top off my face makeup with my undereye brightener.


After the base is set, I move onto contouring and highlighting. Laurel’s face is always perfectly contoured in the show so I use my bronzer from tarte to contour along  the hollows of my cheek, my temples, the sides of my nose, and under my chin. My trick for contouring the hollows of my cheeks is to make a fish face and brush the bronzer just under your cheek bone.

Before I move on to highlighter, I add a little blush. Laurel always has a nice flush, but it isn’t too dramatic. I recommend using whatever blush you have that gives you a little color, but still looks natural. I personally use a bareMinerals blush in lovely. Just swirl a small amount onto the apples of your cheeks and you’re good to go!

For highlighter, I used  Benefit’s Watt’s Up! highlighter (I also really like Benefit’s high beam highlighter as well). I applied highlighter on the top of my cheek bones, above the blush, down my nose, under the arch of my brow, and along the cupid’s bow of my lips.


The next step for this look is eyebrows. Laurel’s thick, dark eyebrows are a key part of her look. For mine I just used an eyeliner brush and grayish-brown eyeshadow, since I’m out of an eyebrow pencil. Honestly, this works just as well as a pencil or gel, but I do like IT Cosmetics’ universal brow pencil.



The next part of this look is the eyes. Laurel’s eye makeup is dark, but subtle to create a sultry look. For this look I’m using my Naked Smoky Palette from Urban Decay. The first step is to sweep a shimmery champagne color all over the eyelid. After that, I use a shimmery light brown on the outer corner. The trick is to create a small V on the outer corner of your eye, going slightly into the crease. Although the color is pretty light, it gives some depth to your eyes.


Also from the Smoky Palette, I use a dark brown color for eyeliner. Because Laurel’s look is so seamlessly blended, I’m using an eyeshadow instead of eyeliner because it isn’t as harsh. Using an eyeliner brush, I sweep the dark brown color on my upper lash line, staying as close as possible to my eyelashes, and along my water line. Although I do prefer the eyeshadow, later in the day it starts to come off of my water line, so I might touch it up with a brown eyeliner.



For the finishing touch, I curl my eyelashes and apply a few coats of mascara. Laurel’s eye lashes really stand out, so curling is essential for this look. Finally, I apply the lipstick. This look is based off of Laurel’s season 3 makeup, so a rosy/fuschia lip color is a must. The lip color I’m using is an old one from Rimmel London in the color Kiss. It’s been discontinued, but I found some similar ones: here, here, and here.

Here is the final look, I hope you liked this tutorial! I’m also thinking of doing an outfit post based off of Laurel’s style in the show, so let me know what you think.



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