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Express Jacket, Loft Sweater (shop similar), Zella Leggings (shop similar), Steve Madden Booties

This fall and winter it’s all about luxe fabrics and fur is a top contender. We started with fur vests last year (still very on trend!), but now fur jackets are taking the scene. From toned down shearling to over the top fringe fur, you can’t go wrong with this trend! I just recently picked this jacket up from Express and have been wearing it nonstop. Express is having a great sale right now (50% off), so the jacket sold out in this color, but the navy option is still there. My friend actually bought the navy version of this jacket. It’s super cute and even has a hood! I heard somewhere that this type of fur jacket is called a teddy bear jacket and I just think that is so fitting; I definitely feel like a teddy bear! On another note, because I love this trend so much, I found some other options here, here, and here.

Because it was so cold out while I was shooting this look (and shopping with my parents!) I stayed warm with a sweater underneath my jacket. I got my black sweater from Loft in January, so they’re all sold out now, but the similar option I included looks almost exactly the same. A simple black sweater is essential; this is definitely my go-to sweater when I’m not sure what to wear.

On the bottom, I’m wearing some leggings I just got from Zella (sold at Nordstrom). And let me just say, I’m in love! I heard about them from another blogger and now I’m so glad I found them. They have the same high-quality feel as lululemon, but they’re about half the price! Obviously these have been selling out fast at Nordstrom with the sales, but I found a pair similar to mine. The downside is that the similar option is a little more expensive. But, I’m sure that Nordstrom will be restocking soon. I actually want to try out some of the other athletic wear from this brand since I love my leggings so much.

As per usual, I’m finishing off my look with my black booties. I wear them with pretty much everything. Although these aren’t on sale, I highly suggest checking out some Cyber Monday deals for black booties if you don’t own any yet!

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping the Cyber Monday sales!



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