Cozy and Casual


H&M Sweater, PacSun Skirt (similar), Steve Madden Boots

First, I’d like to apologize for posting a day late. With Christmas and what not, I didn’t have a chance to get a post together by Monday, but I hope you like what I have today!

So today I’m featuring two of my Christmas presents that I’m absolutely in love with. The first is my turtleneck from H&M. I love the slouchy look to it, I didn’t have anything like this. I think the reason it is slouchy though is because it’s a size bigger than I normally wear, but I love the way this look came out because of it. I’m also really in to cable knit sweaters and turtlenecks, so this was completely perfect!

The other present I got is my GORGEOUS boots. I already have two pairs of black OTK boots, so I’ve been wanting a brown pair for awhile. The color of these boots is just so pretty and the reason I wanted these specifically. I think cognac is definitely the brown color of the moment. I’m also really excited because these boots are so easy to walk in, so I’ll be taking them with me on my upcoming trip to Italy (I leave the third of January!!!).

Today actually turned out to be in the 60s (it was super weird), so I had to take off the jeans I was wearing. I ended up liking this outfit with my denim skirt better anyway. There’s just something I really love about OTK boots paired with mini skirts. I also really like the way that only the bottom of the skirt peeks out from my oversized sweater. I wore this outfit to go shopping with a friend today, and it was so cozy andร‚ย casual enough for a day at the mall.

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