February Edit

February Edit
Hello all and welcome back! I think I’m going to switch my usual posting day from Monday to either Tuesday or Wednesday. But anyway, since today is the first day of February I thought I’d start off the month with some items I’m currently craving and talk about my fave trends for winter and spring.
  1. Topshop dress. How cute is this dress?! I don’t know why but I love the moth print. What I really love about this dress though is the sleeves. Statement sleeves have been HUGE this winter, and I don’t see them going away in the spring. I also love that although the print is kind of out there, the muted gray color keeps it from being over the top. And if you really like this dress, you can find the shirt version here.
  2. Topshop top. Topshop is killing the game right now. Again, more statement sleeves, but unlike what we saw over the summer, the sleeves are more streamlined than bulky for winter and spring. I also really like the subtle pleat of the shirt, which is another big trend right now.
  3. Asos shoes. Get ready to start seeing a TON of “v-neck” shoes. This pair is also great because it combines the white shoe trend and the revival of the slingback. I’ve always hated slingback shoes (they reminded me of elementary school), but the trend has been slowly growing on me.
  4. Lulus skirt. I mentioned before that pleats are so big right now, especially pleated skirts. I love the pleated midi skirts in a blush tone. I can already imagine pairing it with a cute cami and one of the pairs of shoes above. I also really like pleated mini skirts too, especially this one and this one.
  5. Louise et cie flats. I am sooo obsessed with these flats. I really love all mules (flat, heeled, it doesn’t matter) so automatically these are a win. But I also really love the mauve/rosy color and the cool twist detail. It takes the flats from okay to WOW.
  6. Zara flats. Obviously I’m kinda into flats right now… These are nice because they still have a bit of heel, which gives it a untraditional loafer-type feel. Like the Louise et cie flats, these also have a cool twisty-bow detail that makes them anything but boring.

Hope you liked this post and stay tuned for the next one! I’m really leaning towards Tuesdays as my posting day based on my schedule for this semester. Also just a little update on my life: I didn’t mention this but I turned 20 in January (got to spend my birthday in Italy!), and I just joined a sorority (AOII) which I’m pretty excited about. Until next time!



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