Furry Mules


Forever21 Jacket (similar), Lush Top (similar), Zara Skirt (similar), Zara Shoes (similar), Michael Kors Bag

Happy Wednesday everyone! I know I said that I was really leaning towards Tuesday as my new posting, and I still am, but this week has been kind of hectic so I had to shoot these photos yesterday. But, that actually ended up working in my favor because the weather was in the low 70s. It was such a nice day, but so weird for February. I’m not used to the crazy North Carolina weather mood swings.

Anyway, this look is featuring some of the purchases I made on my recent trip to Italy. Italy has a state mandated sale season starting January 5 – mid February, so I was in heaven! I hit up Zara (of course) and got some cute finds that were so cheap. This first is the skirt I’m wearing. It reminds me of an old-fashioned couch pattern and material, but for some reason I really love it! Embroidery has been big this past season, so maybe that’s why I was so drawn to it. Although it’s sold out in the U.S., the Topshop version I linked above might actually be even cuter! It’s definitely on my list too.

I also bought those super cute furry mule slides that I have been wearing nonstop since I got back (you may have seen from my insta). They’re so comfy and easy to throw on as I’m heading to class.

This look also features my new suede MK bag that my parents got me for my bday (thanks Mom and Dad!). I’m so in love with this bag and I had been craving it for awhile. I also just really wanted to get a brown bag since I don’t have one, unless you count the giant tote I use for class. Anyway, I think this bag was a nice touch for the outfit and helped elevate the look.

That’s all for this week, but stay tuned for more!



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