Ruffles and Slippers


Ruffle Top // Denim Skirt (similar) // Smoking Slippers // Wristlet (similar) // Lipstick

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening. It’s been impossible to scroll through my insta feed without at least one mention of it. With that being said, I headed on over to my local Nordstrom store to check out what was left. Unfortunately, not much, seeing as I’m not a cardholder so I didn’t get early access.

What I did walk away with was my pink ruffled top. I had actually seen this top on a few other bloggers in white with black polka dots, but they were sold out of it in my size.Then I saw it in the blush version that I’m wearing, as well as a pretty charcoal color. I was torn between the two, but ended up with the blush version. What I love about this top is that while it will definitely work for fall, it’s really lightweight and wearable in the summer, even though it’s long sleeved. I actually wore it to work before restyling with my white mini skirt and felt completely comfortable despite the 90 degree weather.

Speaking of this white denim skirt, while it’s not part of the sale, I did buy it on sale from Topshop recently. However, it is no longer available at either Topshop or Nordstrom, but I linked to a similar white Topshop denim skirt that’s also super cute, with a reasonable price point. I do recommend sizing up if you order it — I had to return my skirt originally because it was too tight. I had actually heard that advice before about Topshop denim and obvi ignored it, which I ended up regretting.

But back to the sale. My mom and I went to Nordstrom together to see what was what, and headed to our favorite department: shoes. We both ended up with a pair of these smoking slipper type shoes (mine in the embroidered velvet and hers in a tan leather). We originally thought that they were part of the sale (they def look like fall shoes), but apparently they aren’t… However, the price point is still on par with similar shoes that are part of the sale, so there is that.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on the blog or not, but at the end of August I’m headed to London to study abroad for my fall semester. I am so excited, but I’ve been thinking a lot about what shoes to bring. I want to be stylish, yet comfortable while walking around when there, so these smoking slippers/loafer type shoes are absolutely perfect. I literally bought these on Sunday and have worn them every day since, they’re so comfortable. I am OBSESSED!

Last but not least, I added a wristlet to my ensemble. If you saw last week’s blog post, the photos were taken while my parents and I took a day trip to St. Michaels. While there, my mom and I saw these adorable wristlets in a little boutique and had to have them. Mine as you can see is in white, and my mom got one in a light gray. They’re perfect for holding your cash/cards, your phone, and a lipstick.

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P.S. my lipstick is Sephora Collection and despite how cheap it is, it is the longest lasting lipstick I own. Even after eating it stays mostly on. HIGHLY recommend.


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