Sweater (Dress) Weather

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Sweater Dress | Similar Boots | Bag | Lipstick in Ruby Woo

One of my favorite outfits to wear for fall is a sweater dress — all the coziness of a sweater, minus the uncomfortable jeans or other bottoms. Sweater dresses are just a socially acceptable (and stylish) way of walking around wrapped in a blanket. There are so many versions of sweater dresses, but my favorite kind are ones that are bulky, not tight, and have a turtleneck. This combo equals ultimate comfort.

Funny story — my sweater dress is one I picked up at H&M, but when I went to find the link for you guys to shop it, I realized that it wasn’t meant to be a dress. *face palms* I guess that’s one advantage of being short? To be fair, on the hanger this sweater looked huge and I am wearing an xs, so I think you could wear it either way. For those of you with longer legs that definitely can’t turn this sweater into a dress, I’m loving this option and this option as well.

When it comes to shoe choices, I love to pair my sweater dresses with over the knee boots. It’s a trendy look, but it also keeps your legs warm when the weather is chilly. With that being said, sweater dresses look equally cute with some sneakers or booties and tights.

Just as a side note — these photos were all shot by my friend Jenna in Dublin (St. Stephen’s Green to be specific)! I met her in Edinburgh this weekend for her birthday, and since she’s studying abroad in Dublin I went back with her for a day and a half. Both cities are so much fun and I highly recommend visiting! Feel free to message me if you have any questions about traveling to either city.




24 thoughts on “Sweater (Dress) Weather

  1. I love sweater dresses for Fall and this one is gorgeous – especially paired with the boots!

  2. Haha TOTALLY get the short thing! A lot of my oversized sweaters are definitely dresses on me. It’s that 5’2 life! Love this look, especially the OTN boots 🙂

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