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Happy Monday everyone! This week I’m sharing a #bonuspost because Christmas is exactly three weeks away and we’re getting into crunch time when it comes to holiday shopping. This gift guide is for the women in your life: your mom, a friend, an aunt, whoever! Hopefully this guide gives you some inspiration and you can get shopping!

  1. Michael Kors Smart Watch. Smart watches are all the rage right now. The great thing about this one is that it looks like a regular watch — sleek, stylish — but has all of the added bonuses that are just becoming necessary these days.
  2. Anthropologie Cheese Board. This is the perfect gift for the woman in your life who loves to host parties. This is just the type of splurge worthy gift that she probably wouldn’t buy herself, but would love to get as a gift!
  3. Fleece Throw Blanket. Who doesn’t like to cuddle up with a super soft blanket? Just looking at this blanket as I’m writing this makes me want it NOW.
  4. Cook Book. This book is perfect for the woman who’s ready to step up her dinner game. It takes all of your favorite recipes and makes them new again. Who knows? Maybe she’ll end up cooking for you!
  5. Picture Frame. This is the type of gift that moms especially like to receive — it’s both stylish and sentimental. Just make sure that you include a picture of you and her together before wrapping!
  6. Marble Jewelry Box. This is another gift that isn’t something someone would necessarily buy for themselves, but makes the perfect gift to give! You can even amp up this gift by including a piece of jewelry in it!
  7. Diptyque Candle. Diptyque candles speak for themselves. Spoil the woman in your life with this spa worthy luxury.
  8. Pink Fur Wrap. If there’s a fashionista in your life, get her this on trend pink furry wrap! It’s the ultimate fashion lover’s gift.
  9. Pajama Set. You can’t go wrong with a cute pajama set. For years this is the gift my mom and I would send to my grandma. It’s perfect for women of all ages — everyone sleeps, and everyone wants to look cute while doing so.
  10. Kate Spade Handbag. My mom is someone who always picks out a new handbag for Christmas. If you’re buying for a woman like her, try this trendy velvet version.

I hope this guide was helpful, especially with the holidays approaching fast. Let me know what you think in the comments, and tell me if there’s a gift guide you want to see next!



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