Makeup Essentials/My Every Day Routine

Happy Wednesday! I haven’t shared a beauty post in awhile, so I thought I’d make a post about my makeup essentials. These are the products I use on almost a daily basis — essentially what I use for my every day makeup routine. (Click on the images above to go directly to the product page!)

To start off, I know moisturizer isn’t makeup but I always put it on before I put on makeup! Especially since I don’t usually use primer every day (I only break it out for special occasions), my moisturizer creates a nice base for the other products.

After I apply my lotion, I like to let it sink in a bit. Then I move on to the under eye concealer. I have pretty dark circles so I love this product. It has an orangey hue to mask the purple, so I always put in on before my foundation. I also like to do my eyebrows and put on eyeshadow. I use the Charlotte Tilbury makeup palette in “Dolce Vita” pretty much every day (I also have a holiday palette from that brand for those special occasions). It only has four colors with directions how to apply them all. That’s how I like my makeup — simple.

After eyeshadow I finally apply my foundation. If necessary, I also use the bareMinerals concealer under my eyes or on blemishes. After that I move on to mascara. My mom got me the Lancome CILS lash booster for Christmas and I am obsessed. It’s base coat you put on before mascara and it really makes a difference. Once I finally put my mascara on over the booster, my lashes look so much longer and fuller. For the finishing touch on my makeup I like to wear one of the MAC nude lipsticks in “Creme D’nude” — the color I wear in almost every blog post. I don’t usually wear the lipstick to class, but everywhere else, it’s a must!

So those are my makeup essentials! I hope you like this post. If you want to see more like this, let me know in the comments!



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