A Dainty Detail: Resin Earrings

Hello, hello! I thought I’d start an ongoing series on the blog featuring my current obsessions. You may know from a recent Instagram post that I’m loving resin earrings at the moment (especially if they’re tortoiseshell!). I started seeing this trend pop up at the beginning of the year and now that summer is upon us, it. is. EVERYWHERE. And I have to say Ò€” I’m loving it!

With that being said, I thought I would gather all of the options I’m loving into one shoppable post! Click on the images below and get to shopping!


Thanks for stopping by! This is something I hope to do once, maybe twice, a month just to highlight some of my favorite trends. I hope you like it, and make sure to weigh in your thoughts on resin earrings in the comments below!



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