A Cooler Way to Transition to Fall

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Leather Shorts | Graphic Tee | Sneakers | Bag | Sunglasses | Watch

It’s officially September and I’m ready for fall. Crisp air, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin everything. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite feel like fall. So, we need to get a bit creative. Which brings me to these leather shorts!

Everything about these shorts called to me as soon as I saw them in stores. The color, the material the fit, I love it all. And it’s those details that make them the perfect transition piece for fall.

The color. Burnt orange screams autumn to me. It’s not quite a Halloween orange that’s garish to look at. Instead, this color reminds me of falling leaves.

The material. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love leather. I own leather skirts, shorts, jackets, boots, and even a leather dress. But, it’s definitely not a fabric to be worn year round and that’s why I love leather shorts. I wouldn’t wear them in the dead of summer, but at the end of summer, leather shorts are perfect to start moving us towards fall.

The fit. Not to say the style of these shorts is limited to fall, but I do like a nice belted waist at autumn. Even better, the shorts are almost a paper bag-waist fit, which I’m a huge fan of.

Keeping this look summer appropriate, I had to add a graphic tee. I actually grabbed this shirt just so I had something to try on with the shorts in the dressing room, and fell in love with the pairing. It’s also hard to tell in the photos, but the glasses on the girl are actually little appliqués on the shirt!

Anyway, I hope you like this look! Leave a comment below telling me what you want to see next!



Photos by Nadia Crevecouer Photography

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