Colored Corduroy: A Fall Must-Have

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Hello and welcome back! I’d like to briefly apologize for my hiatus, but my laptop crashed last week and I was having other crises. But I’m back and can’t wait to share another fall fave of mine: colored corduroy! Corduroy has been coming around in the fall season for the past few years, but it’s never been this good!

What I’m loving about this skirt is the unexpected color; when I think fall colors, teal definitely doesn’t come to mind. Something about the teal mixed with the O-ring also gives me serious 70s vibes (another trend I’m loving).

I decided to pair this skirt with a simple long sleeve tee for a laidback look, so I could let the skirt and boots do all the talking! I’ve mentioned these boots on the blog before, but how cute do they look on?! I can’t wait to pair them with sweaters and jeans!

But back to colored corduroy. This trend is everywhere. From skirts like mine, to pants and jackets you can’t go wrong. I’m dying to get my hands on a pair of corduroy flares, preferably in navy blue! Shop below some of my favorite corduroy picks!



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