A Little Valentine’s Inspiration

Happy Friday everyone! My plan for this week’s blog post has been delayed, so stay tuned for next. But anyway, with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d share a little edit with you all! I found some pink inspired items so you can treat yourself, or push someone else in the right direction. Hover over the products above, or click my links below to shop!

  1. THIS RING. I’m so obsessed. I actually wanted this ring in black, but it didn’t come in my size. But how pretty is the rose gold paired with the violet druzy stone? Such a statement piece.
  2. Honestly, who doesn’t want a fuzzy pink blanket? I’m a big fan of decorative pillows and blankets so this is a win.
  3. Jo Malone perfumes are so classy and I’m loving that the brand came out with a special Valentine’s Day edition of one of their scents.
  4. Jade rollers/rose quartz rollers are all the rage and I have to say, I’m on board. I actually broke mine, tried to get my dad to fix it, and then he broke it further, so I definitely have my eye on this one.
  5. I just got a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick for Christmas and will 100% buy more. This pink color is definitely eye catching, but I’d probably end up buying more nude lipstick haha!
  6. This sweater has been popping up on my Instagram feed since September! Now would definitely be a great time to buy it.
  7. Out of all of my picks in this edit, this necklace is my #1. I have a thing for dainty necklaces, so when I saw this I fell in love.
  8. Just like with the blanket, who doesn’t want fuzzy pink slippers? As someone with constant cold feet, I think this is such a cute gift/treat yourself idea!

Hope you like my picks, and stay tuned for more next week!



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