My Top Picks From the Nordstrom Sale (by Category!)

I hope everyone is excited as I am because today is a day that embodies the phrase “Christmas in July”: the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, go click over to my Nordstrom guide for a quick read. If you’re ready though, let’s jump into my top picks for the sale. Side note: a lot of the items I’m sharing come in multiple colors, so if you like the style but want a different color, click on it anyway because chances are you’ll get lucky!


So this is the category (aside from shoes) that I’m most excited for. I actually really need new cardigans—my mom said mine look “ratty”—and Nordstrom delivered! From basic neutrals to fun leopard print you really can’t go wrong. And almost all of them have pockets, so really, what more do you need?



Another great category this year. If I could live in sweaters year round I think I would. Anyway, I don’t have much else to say except check them out. I’m loving a lot of the turtleneck options!


Basic Tops

Another category I need to refresh in my closet. Camis, short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, these are wardrobe essentials and now is the perfect time to stock up. The prices are much lower than they will be in fall, plus you can wear these now.



I’m actually really impressed with the tops this year! From silky blouses to plaid flannels, they’re all so cute. I love that a lot of these tops are so versatile—you could pair them with jeans and booties or dress them up for work.



I personally won’t be buying any denim at the moment (I just bought myself a new pair recently), but if I was I would definitely opt for a pair of designer denim like Frame, AG, or Paige. A lot of these brands are around $100 off which is amazing!


Other Bottoms

If there is one trend I’m so excited for this fall it’s silky midi skirts! I can’t wait to pair some with booties and leather jackets or sweaters.



So I wasn’t super impressed with the dresses, but hopefully I will find more options to add later! In the meantime, the three dresses I did find I think are absolutely adorable.



My absolute, favorite category! This is what I’m here for! There’s nothing I love more than shoe shopping and they are soooo many good options this year. I would definitely scoop your favorite up because a lot of these styles will go fast.


Other Shoes

If you already have all the boots/booties you need for fall then definitely check out some other styles. I’m loving the flats and loafers this year.



Whether you want some comfy pjs to wear around the house or you need new activewear for the gym, now is definitely the time to stock up.



From jackets to coats to blazers, if you need some type of outerwear for fall or winter you really can’t go wrong with any of these choices! I’m really loving all of the plaid options I’m seeing this year. I definitely have my eye on the brown plaid blazer.

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