Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best of Beauty + Items I Love Still in Stock

Every year I shop the Nordstrom sale I get so caught up in the new fall clothes, shoes, and accessories and I feel like I hardly pay any attention to the beauty products. So, this year I did and there are some great options! I went through and picked out products that I definitely think are worth it and would probably buy myself.

  1. If there is one beauty item you should buy during the sale it’s this palette! I got it on Saturday and have been wearing it non-stop. The colors are so pretty for summer and going into fall. I usually stick to browns and grays, but these colors help me go outside my comfort zone without looking too crazy! Plus, the price is so good for a Charlotte Tilbury palette.
  2. Staying on the Charlotte Tilbury discussion, this lip trio is such a steal! I love her lipsticks (unfortunately the one I had died a sad, watery death in my washing machine) and “Pillow Talk” is one of her most popular colors. If it’s a nude lipstick, you know I’m in!
  3. Ok. This Laura Mercier set is another great deal! I’ve wanted the secret brightening powder for so, so long and it’s a part of this trio. Also, the setting powder alone is worth the price of the entire trio!
  4. If you’re looking for a hair tool, look no further than T3. I’ve wanted a T3 curling wand for so long, but can’t justify it since my hair curls so easily, even with my inexpensive wand! But, if you hair doesn’t love to curl like mine does, I’ve heard so many great things about this tool—it’s fast and the curls last for days.
  5. You know a lipstick junkie like me can’t have just one lip option in the bunch! I didn’t see these in person at Nordstrom, but from online I would wear every single color! Again, nude lipstick is my weakness…
  6. Finally, this lash serum might be the best deal on this list. You get two for $95 when that’s usually the price of just one! I’m actually putting this on my Christmas list this year because I’ve heard so many amazing results!


Still in Stock

Now that the beauty purchases are covered, let’s talk about what’s still left in stock from the sale. I know a lot of hot ticket items are gone (I really wanted the Vince Camuto snake skin booties but such is life), but there are still some amazing finds still left in stock! I’m rounding up every thing I really like that’s still in stock in all or almost all sizes (as of when I’m writing this post on 7/16). And, I’m going to share my top 10 items still in stock below—because I truly love these items and have them on my own wishlist.

Items I Love Still in Stock


Must-Haves Still in Stock


Which items would you add to your must-have list? Let me know in the comments!




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