The Fragrances I Wear on Repeat

Hello hello! I’m here this Wednesday to break up my usual fashion content with a quick beauty post. I realize that fragrance is a very personal preference, but I had to share the three fragrances that I absolutely love. Honestly, I won’t wear anything else—I’m extremely picky about scent and have sensitive nose (a lot of fragrances give me migraines). So, I thought I would share the three fragrances that work for me for those out there that are also sensitive to smell and even for those who aren’t because these three fragrances are amazing!

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

First up is the very first fragrance I fell in love with. I’ve been wearing Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet since I was about 16 or 17. It was the only fragrance I wore up until my sophomore year of college! I love how subtle it is. I also love that it’s a combination of floral and fruity scents. I don’t like just floral perfumes or just fruity ones so this is the perfect compromise. My only complaint about this one is that the scent does fade easily. But otherwise it’s a classic that I can always see myself going back to. And I obviously love it since you can see that my bottle is practically empty!


Tory Burch

If you’re looking for a stronger, more summery scent than the Tory Burch perfume is perfect. It’s similar to the Miss Dior one in that it mixes floral and citrus scents, but it has a sharper, stronger smell. I don’t like to wear this one in the winter, but it screams summer nights to me. Because I’m so sensitive to smells I do only spray this lightly on my wrists (it’s too strong for me if I spray on my neck), but the scent stays on all day! While the Miss Dior perfume leans more towards the floral side, I’d say this leans more towards the fruity side.


Wood Sage and Sea Salt

Finally, the perfume I haven’t stopped wearing since I bought it! I’m surprised that I love this scent so much since it’s a woody/mineral fragrance, whereas I generally go for the floral/fruity fragrances like the other two. But, this is just perfect! It’s a very subtle scent (which I love) and I definitely feel like it’s a summery scent but will work year round. On Nordstrom’s website the “mood” associated with this scent is “energetic, lively, spirited, joyful” and I think that perfectly describes it! Highly recommend this fragrance!


So these are the three fragrances I’ve been wearing. Like I said before, I’m extremely particular when it comes to fragrance and these are the ones that I feel work for me! What’s your go-to fragrance? Let me know in the comments below!



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