The Art of Mixing Textures for Winter

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Do you ever have an idea for an outfit in your head and then lay it out and think it might be too risky? Well that’s how I felt with this outfit, but once I tried it on I died. I haven’t loved an outfit so much in a looooong time. I actually put this outfit together just for an Instagram post but with how much I loved it, it had to be made into a full blog post.

Ok, backstory over, back to the outfit. I may have said this before, but winter is actually my favorite time of year for fashion. The reason? Textures. I LOVE winter textures. From satin and silk, to velvet and leather, to fur and sequins—I’ll take one of each please! And while some people are afraid to mix these textures, I’m a firm believer in doing so. Of course, if you’re still intimidated keep reading for my tips to pull off mixing them.

The first is to stick with two main textures (obviously, fashion is all about expressing yourself so if you want to go with more, you do you!). Two textures keeps the outfit looking chic, without looking overwhelming. For my outfit, I chose to mix velvet and leather, which I think are two of the more accessible winter fabrics (as opposed to fur or sequins).

My second tip is to keep the colors within the same family. That doesn’t mean don’t play around with colors though! I actually have quite a few colors going on in this outfit, but they all have a warm tone to them, which I think helps tie the look together.

My last tip when it comes to mixing textures is to just have fun with it! I find the dark days and cold temps semi depressing, and the one thing that makes it bearable—aside from the holidays!—is having fun creating more glamorous outfits!

What are your thoughts on mixing winter fabrics? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!



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