10 Fun Things to Do During Quarantine

So it’s been a minute since I’ve published a blog post. Pre-quarantine to be exact. With everything that’s going on, writing a post has been not only hard due to shooting limitations, but also difficult in terms of inspiration. Truthfully, it’s been hard to figure out what you all would even want to see on my blog considering most of us spend all day long at home.

So with that being said, I figured it would be hard to go wrong with a loungewear look and some ways to beat the quarantine slump. So let’s start with the outfit. I took the pants from a lounge set I ordered at the start of quarantine and paired it with some other neutral basics in my closet. The ultimate combo for being comfy and chic is to layer cozy knits in similar colors. To add a little something I extra I threw on my favorite bralette plus some pearl and gold accents.

I ordered this pearl initial necklace and cannot stop wearing it. It looks so good paired with other necklaces, especially more gold chains. All in all, I love the way this look turned out and the best part was that it felt like wearing pajamas all day!

So now that I shared the outfit I actually threw together on a whim, here are some ideas on how to beat the boredom that comes with staying in your house for weeks on end.

10 Quarantine Ideas

  1. Read a book. Probably my favorite thing to do ever and now I have tons of time to devote to new books! I recommend checking out Goodreads for book ideas.
  2. Binge a new show. If reading isn’t your cup of tea, a similar idea is to try out a new show. I’m currently binging Chicago PD and highly recommend. I also shared my other recommendations in this post.
  3. Take up a hobby. Hobby ideas include (but aren’t limited to): knitting, gardening, cooking, and photography. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn to do, now’s the time to start!
  4. Workout. Since I started my new job in February, I haven’t been able to workout as much as I was since I commute two hours each way. Right now I’ve started working out every dayโ€”a friend and I Facetime and do it together! We’re doing the Blogilates April calendar workouts and they are hard.
  5. Draw/paint/color. I used to paint and draw quite a bit in high school but haven’t done so in awhile. Although I’m still not painting or drawing I have whipped out my coloring book and spent a good few hours on that!
  6. Organize your closet/drawers/etc. So this might not exactly be “fun” per se, but it will definitely keep you occupied for awhile! Throw on some tunes or a good podcast and get to spring cleaning.
  7. Try a new makeup look. I actually did this the other day and it was so fun! I used to love watching YouTube makeup videos and trying to recreate them. I love experimenting with makeup and trying new techniques!
  8. Play bartender. My family is pretty much a wine family, but my mom and I have been trying to make fun cocktails on the weekends. So far we’ve made blueberry prosecco mojitos and strawberry jalapeno margaritas!
  9. DIY your closet. Have any old t-shirts or jeans? I’ve seen so many videos lately (TikTok and Instagram) of cutting, bleaching, distressing, and tie-dying their old clothes.
  10. Get dressed up and have a photo shoot. This last idea also gives you incentive to change out of your pajamas or loungewear you’ve been living in and get dolled up! I personally love dressing up so having nowhere to go to dress up for has been a bit of downer. But, you don’t actually need a reason to dress up besides making yourself feel good! I’ll definitely be doing this one soon.

So, there’s today blog post. I hope you liked my loungewear look and my ideas for surviving quarantine. If you have any other ideas, feel free to drop them in the comments below!



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