My Amazon Quarantine Purchases

If there’s one thing keeping me going during quarantine, it’s online shopping. Is there any better feeling than seeing a package at your door? Name one, I dare you.

But in all actuality, I have been doing a bit more online shopping than normal (I’m justifying it by looking at all of the other expenses I’m saving on by being stuck at home!). Of course, I made one or two (or three or four) Amazon orders!

I thought it would be fun to share all of my purchases at Amazon since quarantine started. I have to say, it really isn’t too much! So, let’s get into it!

  1. No-show Socks. I have so many shoes that require no-shows and hadn’t been able to find a good pair. Another blogger recommended these, so my mom and I had to try them out. I think they work really well! They still slip a bit, but they’re 10x better than others I’ve tried!
  2. Flyaway Hair Stick. My friend and I constantly joke that we’re the queens of flyaways. No matter how much I smooth down my ponytail or bun, I have a million little (curly!) baby hairs going every which way. This does a really good job of getting them slicked down and doesn’t leave a weird feeling on your hair.
  3. Chain Necklace. Chain necklaces are having a MAJOR moment, so of course I had to hop on this trend. I love the shape and length of this chain and the fact that it’s 18k gold-plated helps with tarnishing. I’ve been wearing it every day—sometimes even working out in it—and have yet to see any wear and tear.
  4. Fendi Dupe Headbands. I’ve been wanting these headbands for such a long time! They haven’t come in yet, so I can’t attest to the quality, but I’m so into Fendi right now, plus you know how much I love headbands. I’m pretty confident that I’m going to love these.
  5. Tongue Scraper. So this is a bit of a weird purchase, but another blogger I follow shared these on stories and I wanted to try. I definitely think it does a better job than a toothbrush of brushing your tongue. It really makes my mouth feel cleaner!
  6. Tinkle Razors. I’ve heard so many people say that they use these razors to scrape off any peach fuzz on their faces as well as dead skin cells—basically dermaplaning at home! I’ve tried it once so far and I will say that I didn’t see a huge difference. I felt like I should have seen more “stuff” come off my face (as gross as that is) than I did. I’ll have to keep trying and see if it was just user error. They are good for getting rid of any hair between your brows though!
  7. Makeup Headbands. How adorable are these bow headbands for washing your face/doing your makeup? I’m in love! There’s really nothing else to say here.
  8. Makeup organizer. It was high time I got rid of my makeup bag (that my concealer leaked all over) and upgraded. I like that this organizer is adjustable, so basically you decide how many compartments and where they go. I will say, it doesn’t hold as much as I would like it to, but if you don’t have A TON of makeup, it’s perfect!
  9. Celine Dupe Sunglasses. I swear, every LA fashion blogger has these glasses and I knew I needed them. They’re a $13 dupe for the $400 Celine pair and I think they look so chic! Highly recommend (they’re my favorite purchase along with the chain necklace).

So that’s what I’ve ordered so far from Amazon! I’m sure I’ll be adding to list very shortly!



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    1. Right?? If only! For now I have to say the amazon ones are a pretty good alternative!

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