Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | My Full Guide

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020
#NSale 2020
Nordstrom anniversary sale 2020

Buckle up, friends, because this ride will be looong. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and get ready to chat all things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I swear to you, I spent hours upon hours combing through all of the items in the sale (within in the women’s, beauty, and home categories, I could care less about men’s and children’s lol). What you’ll see in this (very long) post is every item that caught my eye.

Just to clarify, I am obviously not buying everything in this post — I usually only make about five or six purchases — but these are all items that I would wear or use. I will definitely update you all later with everything I purchased from the sale. Also, do not feel pressure to buy everything or anything at all! Like I mentioned in this post, it’s better to come into the sale with a strategy. Go through the checklist I shared and inventory your closet. From their you can make your game plan!

Now that we’ve gotten through all my caveats, let’s get into the items I’m loving from this year’s #NSale! I scoured the site all day yesterday so you don’t have to!

#NSale Sweaters + Tops

Best of Tops

One of my absolute favorite categories of the sale is always sweaters. Even though it will be awhile until I can wear them they’re still my addiction! I also like to check out all of the basics in the sale. I will say I’m not too impressed with any of the short sleeve tees this year, but I did find some long sleeved ones, including the white ribbed tee I’ve had for two years now! It’s seriously a staple


Shirts and Tees:

#NSale Denim + Pants

Best of Bottoms

If you need some new denim in your closet for fall now is the time to buy! You can get designer denim for wayyy less! This is also the perfect time to buy the Spanx faux leather leggings like I’m wearing above! They truly are worth the hype.


Leggings, Pants, + Skirts:

#NSale Boots + Shoes

Best of Shoes

Now we’re finally at my absolute favorite category of the sale. I recently read a statistic that the average woman owns 14 pairs of shoes… I couldn’t even tell you how many are in my closet! Shoes, especially boots, truly are my weakness. I definitely recommend investing in some boots or booties because the ones I’ve bought in the past ended up being staples in my wardrobe! The shoes I’m wearing above are from last year’s sale and I included this year’s version below.

#NSale Coats + Jackets

Best of Coats + Jackets

This is another category you shouldn’t sleep on! These coats/jackets are closet musts: denim jacket, leather jacket, trench coat, winter wool coat, puffer coat, blazer, rain coat. If you’re missing any of these definitely check out my picks:

#NSale Loungewear

Best of Loungewear + PJs

I feel like the loungewear/pj category might be even more of a hit than usual with more people than ever working from home. There are definitely some cute pieces I have my eye on this year. I also included a few bras that look super comfortable in this category. One of the biggest sellers to keep your eye on each year is a Barefoot Dreams cardigan! All of the cardigans I included in this category are Barefoot Dreams and look incredibly cozy. Perfect for working from home in the fall and winter.

#NSale Activewear

Best of Activewear

Activewear is something I’m so bad at buying for myself, which is why I’m always running out of clean gym clothes… Anyway, if you haven’t tried Zella leggings yet, I can’t recommend enough. I wear them both as gym leggings (they’re really thick) and with outfits throughout the fall and winter. They honestly feel like Lululemon and are half the price — even lower in the sale!

#NSale Accessories

Best of Accessories

So the accessories category isn’t usually one I pay too much attention to during the Anniversary sale. With that being said, there are some cute pieces as well as some splurge-worthy ones that are marked way down. Specifically, the fine jewelry category has some great deals if you’re looking for a luxury piece.

#NSale Beauty

Best of Beauty

You’ve made it to the beauty category! Hooray if you’re actually still reading this! This is a super fun category if you want to try out some higher end beauty products you wouldn’t normally spend the money on. I love that brands come out with bundles of best selling products. Definitely check out the Lancome mascara set. The lash primer is one of my all-time favorite makeup products and I’ve heard great things about the mascara in the bundle. I’ve also wanted a T3 curling iron for awhile now (I probably won’t get it this time around) and it’s marked down a good amount.

#NSale Home

Best of Home

The end is near! The home category isn’t super exciting for me, BUT the item to look out for — and snap up ASAP — is a Barefoot Dreams blanket. Like the cardigans, even more so actually, these sell out fast. If you don’t have a Barefoot Dreams blanket you are seriously missing out. It’s the comfiest blanket on earth, even my cats love it! I have to put it up because my cats knead it and fuzz gets everywhere… But seriously, they’re the best and come in so many versions. I really want to get a leopard one.

Aside from the blankets, I added some random items that would be cute for your home or would make fun gifts. The tea collection is super random, but I would personally love to receive it lol! Also the Diptyque candle set looks nice and isn’t something a lot of people would buy for themselves. For all my early Christmas shoppers this is your category!!

All I can say now is WOW. That was v long, but definitely worth it in my opinion! I hope this guide was helpful to all of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shoppers and happy shopping!



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This year’s version of my cardigan // BP Camisole // NSale Spanx Leggings, available now full price // This year’s version of my booties // Urban Outfitters Hat

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