24 Things About Me (24th Birthday Recap)

knit midi skirt
knit midi skirt
24th birthday outfit
Lovestitch sweater

So, 22 had the Taylor Swift song, and 23 had Blink-182, what do I get for 24?? This past Saturday I came back to New York from winter break at home in Maryland on my 24th birthday. I can’t believe I’m another year older, mostly because 2020 feels like it never happened.

Anyway, I spent my birthday in NYC with two friends who visited. Despite the restrictions we were still able to do some shopping in Soho and then had appetizers and drinks at a really cool outdoor dining place. And then more appetizers and drinks closer to my apartment!

The night before, I went to dinner with my parents (Italian of course) and wore the outfit above. Knit midi skirts are my new obsession lately if you couldn’t tell! I love this one in particular because it’s not form fitting at all. It’s loose and so comfortable it feels like loungewear! I paired in with a fuzzy boatneck sweater for a neutral look.

Also, I have to take a minute to draw your attention to my scrunchie. I’ve been gravitating towards low ponytails lately and a fun scrunchie instantly makes it more chic! I have three of these oversize scrunchies and I’m obsessed!

Anyway, now that we’ve talked about the outfit, I thought it would be fun to share 24 facts about me. Keep reading to learn a little bit about the girl behind the blog!

Get to Know Me: 24 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m from the Baltimore, Maryland area (Baltimore County).
  2. Growing up, I played soccer and lacrosse, but dance was my favorite (15 years of dance class).
  3. I went to an all girls high school.
  4. After graduating, I went to Elon University in North Carolina.
  5. I lived in a different dorm/apartment all four years of undergrad β€” a lot of moving around!
  6. I graduated from Elon with a dual degree in strategic communication and English literature and a minor in professional writing studies.
  7. If you can’t guess from my background and my blog, I love to write!
  8. I started my blog at Elon my freshman year (March 2016) as part of a communications class.
  9. My sophomore year at Elon I took a three-week study abroad course in January in Rome!
  10. That was my third time going to Europe. I went to France and Spain on two separate trips with my high school!
  11. I also studied abroad for a full semester my junior year in London.
  12. London and Paris are tied for my absolute favorite cities.
  13. After graduating I worked as an intern in communications research in D.C. (I commuted 2 hours to work!!!)
  14. In September I moved from Baltimore to NYC β€” AKA where I’ve wanted to live since I was in middle school.
  15. I started grad school at Columbia University (hence the move to NYC) to pursue my masters in strategic communication.
  16. I moved into an apartment with two other girls at Columbia (in a different program though). We didn’t meet in person until after we all moved in!
  17. I made my first blogging friend in real life. We’ve met up a few times to take photos together!
  18. I’ve always had pets growing up. Currently have a dog (Cooper) and two cats (Theo and Alvin) at my parents house. (Yes I’m saying they’re mine even though I live in NYC now.)
  19. Unpopular opinion: I love dogs and cats equally. They both have their advantages and I’ve always had both!
  20. I think this is obvious, but I’ve always loved fashion. I’d love to work in communications in the fashion industry.
  21. When not blogging, another hobby of mine is reading.
  22. I’ve always had an obsession with France (I’ve been 3x so far) and wish I kept up with my French classes. I can speak enough to get around, but definitely nowhere near fluent.
  23. My favorite color is pink, but I hardly ever wear it. Although, expect some pink Valentine’s Day content soon!
  24. Next to shopping and reading, my absolute favorite thing to do is travel! I have a list of countries/cities I want to see about a mile long!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! And here’s to another year of The Dainty Details!



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