Frequently Asked: My Hair Routine and Best Products

my hair routine

If there is one theme when it comes to my Instagram DMs, it’s my hair routine. More than anything else, you guys ask me how I style my hair, if I have extensions (I don’t), what products I use, etc. This is actually so funny to me because my relationship with my hair has been iffy at best. Throughout elementary, middle, and a good portion of high school I couldn’t tame it and opted for a pony tail every day. For a few years I routinely had my hair thinned out because I have so much of it. It’s only within the past few years that I’ve started wrangling my hair and learning to love it.

Anyway, I’ve been saying for awhile now that I’ll talk about it soon, and finally I’m sharing all of it in one place! From products, routine, and more I’m doing a deep dive into all things hair care.

Hair Products


While I’m currently using this shampoo and conditioner, I do like to switch up my shampoos every six months or so. My hair gets too used to the products and starts to feel gross after too long. I switched to the Navy brand in November and am loving it so far! Here are other shampoos and conditioners I’ve had good results with in the past:


I’ll be honest, I have quite a few styling products, but aside from dry shampoo I don’t use them that often. I am waiting for this texturizing spray in the mail though and I’ve heard great things! I will definitely update you if I like it. Right now I’m trying out the IGK dry shampoo and LOVE IT. I also love Dove for an affordable option and Living Proof (a cult favorite).

Heat Protection

I’m slowly, but surely getting better at using heat protectant. I started using this hair oil and it’s been a game changer! I use it before blow drying and after, and before styling with other heat tools. I’ve really liked a few other products as well.


Linking the exact heat tools I use on an everyday basis!

Hair Routine

When it comes to my exact routine, I thought it would be easiest to just list out every I do/use on my hair:

  1. I wash my hair 1-2x a week. I’m not particular and go as long as possible before it looks greasy or flat.
  2. I do condition my hair, but only the ends. I wash and condition first when I shower, and don’t rinse the conditioner. I assume that when I wash my body and shave some of the conditioner rinses out.
  3. Every other wash, I switch out my conditioner for this hair mask. I use a little and leave it in without rinsing.
  4. Once a month I also like to use this exfoliating shampoo as well to try to manage my extremely dry scalp/any product build up.
  5. After I wash my hair I let it air dry as much as possible.
  6. Before blow drying, I use this hair oil to prep and protect.
  7. I alternate using a regular blow dryer or blow dry brush to finish drying my hair. If I know I want to curl it then I go with the blow dryer, but if I plan to leave it straight I use the brush (see tutorial).
  8. I use the same hair oil after drying my hair.
  9. Unless I air dry overnight and wake up with kinky hair, I usually keep it straight on the first day and save using another heat tool for another day.
  10. Day 2 hair for me is pretty manageable. I either curl it (tutorial here) or straighten any dented pieces. I alternate between a curling wand or my straightener depending on the curls I want.
  11. I usually won’t have to use any dry shampoo until the 4th day, but sometimes I add a little at the roots to give extra volume.


I don’t take any supplements as of writing this post, but I am waiting for some collagen powder to test out. I’ve also taken biotin gummies in the past, but don’t think they work. Right now I just take a multivitamin for women.

However, my hair is naturally thick and grows extremely fast. So, I’ve never felt the need to take anything. I do drink a fair amount of water and eat a relatively healthy diet, so I assume that that factors in.

Quick note about the hair dresser: I’ve never had my hair dyed and I got 2-4 times a year to get a trim (1-2 inches at most). At my most recent appointment I asked for long layers and front-framing pieces (almost, but not quite curtain bangs). I’ve been growing out my hair since 2019 β€” the last time I cut it short.

And that’s it! I hope I answered all of your questions, but if not feel free to ask in the comments below!



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