My Best Beach Packing List for a Weeklong Vacation

beach packing list
beach packing list
beach packing list
beach outfit
beach skirt
y2k skirt

While fall is my favorite season, I have to say, I’m not ready for summer to be over! Maybe it’s because I’m at the beach right now, but I’m loving the summer feeling β€” plus fall means my last semester of grad school, so I’m happy with my short break! And because I’m not ready to say goodbye to summertime, I’d thought I’d share my ultimate beach packing list for anyone who has an end-of-summer trip coming up! I tried to narrow it down to what you truly need. I’m a self-proclaimed over-packer so I get it β€” you want to bring your entire closet. Hopefully this list makes it a little easier to curate your wardrobe for the week!

  1. Swimsuits. I usually like to bring one for each day (so five total), but really you only need two. Wear one and wash it after the beach and let it dry the next day while you wear the other. Easy-peasy.
  2. Cover ups. If denim shorts are your thing as far as coverups, forget about it. But having one neutral colored coverup is always ideal. I completely forgot mine in my rush out the door to the airport (long story involving a canceled flight and a last minute booking) and I’m de
  3. Denim shorts. These are a necessity for me. It’s so easy to put together an outfit after the beach with denim shorts and a cute top. I would bring 2-3: one regular pair, a white pair, and a pair you can wear to the beach (so your loosest/cheapest pair).
  4. Tops. I like to bring a mix of camis/tank tops and more statement pieces. Again, super easy to mix and match with your denim shorts. You really don’t need more than 4-5.
  5. Skirts. If denim shorts feel too restricting, switch them out for a cute skirt! Clearly I’m having a mini skirt moment above, but this is the perfect time to pull out a beachy maxi skirt!
  6. Dresses. One or two dresses are a necessity at the beach. I usually bring one nicer dress in case we go to a nice dinner and a maxi dress you can wear any time.
  7. Lounge clothes. This is something I wish I brought more of. There’s nothing better than putting on comfy clothes after a day at the beach to drink wine on your balcony! Probably my favorite thing to do.
  8. Pajamas. I recommend at least two pairs. They just start to feel gross if you wear the same pajamas all week.
  9. Shoes. This is where I get caught up in my overpacking mode. I’m going to recommend three pairs β€” and no I didn’t listen to my own advice, but I definitely should have. You need one pair of sandals to wear to the beach and with casual clothes. One pair of sneakers for travel days and any more adventurous activities (golf, tennis, mini golf, etc.). And one pair of heels to dress up some of your outfits.
  10. Jacket. This is something else I forgot, but a light jacket is so necessary for people like me who can’t deal with the AC on blast at restaurants. Totally optional, but necessary in my opinion.

So there is my ultimate beach packing list! Obviously save some room for toiletries, underwear, and other miscellaneous items. Otherwise, you really don’t need anything else!

Now, quick bit about the outfit: my skirt is under$20 from Amazon and I love it! It’s the Y2K style that’s trending right now and will be perfect to wear into fall. Just need to swap the cami for a long sleeve top and pair with cute boots.

Anyway, that’s all for today. If you need me, I’ll be at the beach πŸ™‚



P.S. Please excuse my beach hair, there’s really nothing to be done…

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