Nashville Weekend Itinerary

Ok so almost a month has passed since my Nashville trip, but I promised a recap of everything we did! So let’s get right into it.

Where to Stay

The point of this trip was to visit our friend, so we actually stayed at her apartment in Hillsboro, TN. It’s just outside of Nashville and only a 10 Uber minute ride into downtown. Also, maybe I’m just used to the crazy NYC Uber prices, but it was soooo affordable to take Ubers in Nashville! Anyway, I really liked this area because it felt like a young neighborhood and was pretty to walk around. It’s definitely a great option if downtown Nashville feels too hectic for you!

Otherwise, I would definitely check out the Airbnb listings! I’ve seen quite a few that are decked out with bachelorette parties in mind. Even if you’re just doing a girls trip, there are so many cute options!

Where to Eat

So, dinner both nights were a bit of a bust for us. On Saturday, we waited so long at one restaurant and the hostess was actually quite rude, so we just decided to stop into a little fast casual place for dinner. On Sunday, we went to a place in the Gulch that looked quite cute, but my dinner was pretty terrible… Considering that it was supposed to be a British pub, maybe that’s the point? Regardless, we did have good breakfasts/brunches, so here’s what I loved:

  • Biscuit Love — sooooo many of you recommended this to me when I asked on Instagram stories. It’s definitely a classic and there are a few locations! I got the biscuits and sausage gravy with a side of bacon and it was delish! It was pretty big though and I honestly could have split it with my friend. I ended up getting coffee, but the drinks looked good!
  • Fido — apparently this is a Taylor Swift recommendation, so you can count me in! Like Biscuit Love, it’s clearly a popular choice, so expect a long line. I got the breakfast burrito and it was amazing! My friend got the pancakes and they also seem like an A+ choice.
  • White Limozeen — sadly, I did not get to go to Dolly Parton’s rooftop restaurant. We tried to make reservations but they were snapped up quick. It’s definitely at the top of my list next time I’m in Nashville!

What to Do

It’s very cliche of us, but my friends and I came ready to party! While we are not a bachelorette group, it was still a very fun time. Both nights we went out on Broadway. This is obviously very touristy, but it’s popular for a reason! Here are a few of the bars we went to:

  • Robert’s Western World — this is less touristy than other bars on Broadway. If you’re looking to feel more like a local but stay in the area, this is where I would go! It’s very small though and gets crowded quickly.
  • Paradise Park — we ended the night here on our first night out and this was my favorite! A much younger crowd, with more of a rock vibe than your classic country. You can dance on top of a car and the band invited us on stage! Very fun place to close out the night.
  • Melrose Billiards Parlor — so this is not located on Broadway and is very much a local hangout. If you want a gritty, smoky bar where you can drink cheap drinks and play pool, this is where to go. I will say that they allow smoking inside which bothered me a bit (and made my hair smell), but it definitely felt like a true southern experience.
  • Tootsies — this is a Broadway classic! My dad is from Tennessee and I had actually stopped in here (during the day) with my family when I was younger. We went on Sunday night so it wasn’t very crazy and both floors had live bands performing!

Other things to do include going to a honky tonk (which we didn’t plan very well for and actually didn’t get to go to) and shopping! Here are some of the classic stores you have to hit up — and maybe get an Instagram pic!

  • Kittenish — this is Jessie James Decker’s store and it is truly an aesthetic experience. If you’re looking for a cute Instagram pic, you’ll find it here. It’s also across the street from the infamous angel wings mural for another classic pic!
  • Uncommon James — the jewelry store by Kristin Cavallari! Another cute boutique with dainty gold jewelry and home finds.
  • Draper James — this is Reese Witherspoon’s clothing store. Unfortunately. I didn’t get to go here, but I love the clothes online!
  • Hillsboro Village — a cute neighborhood close to Vanderbilt, it’s filled with a ton of boutiques and restaurants! It’s also where I took the photo above!

That’s all we were able to fit in on such a short trip, but Nashville has my heart! I can’t wait to go back and try out the places I didn’t get to!



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