5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas (for the Procrastinators Like Me)

halloween costume ideas

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s spooky, everyone dresses up, and it’s one big party! Despite loving it, I swear every year I drop the ball on costumes. I end up throwing together something random at the last minute and calling it a day. So, thank god for Amazon prime. If you’re like me and procrastinate on your costume, I have five ideas to save the day! And almost every item is Amazon prime, but I would order ASAP!


Velma is a Halloween classic, especially if you can get a group together to dress as the whole Scooby gang! Or maybe just have a friend dress as Daphne. I went as Velma last year (seen above) and it was a very last minute idea. But hopefully you are a little earlier than I am and can do a better job with the top and skirt I’m sharing below. The wig is the exact one I wore though and was relatively easy to put on.


My second Halloween costume of 2020 was a pirate. Basic, I know. Then again all of these suggestions are basic, because procrastinators can’t be choosers! Just pair a flowy white blouse and leather shorts with a belt and red head scarf. So easy! Bonus points if you had some gold hoops or a sword.

Disney Princess

You can basically pick any princess and just get the bustier, skirt, and gloves in the colors needed. I’m choosing Belle because 1) she’s my favorite and 2) with my brown hair, no wig is required.


This is a costume you can easily recreate with pieces you already have β€” sexy black top and black pants β€” but I’m sharing some pieces I loved if you have time to order. The only other thing you need to add is some dramatic, smoky eyeshadow, and a red lip with a blood drip. Just look on YouTube for a makeup tutorial and you’ll be set.

1920s Mobster

I saw this idea on TikTok and I love it! I might actually go as a mobster myself. A pinstripe blazer, hot pants, and fishnets will have you looking ready for the nearest speakeasy!

Hope you like these last minute ideas! And I’d love to hear your costume ideas in the comments below!



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