Five Classic Parisian Fall Style Staples to Wear Now

Parisian fall style staple
Parisian fall style staples

As a self-proclaimed Francophile, my fashion goal is to dress like a Parisian. The Parisian aesthetic is simple and classic, but still makes a statement. So, while I don’t always adhere to the Parisian aesthetic — I do like the have fun with my clothes and mix it up — it always remains a go-to. Mainly because you can treat it like a uniform.

I’ve shared some Parisian style staples before (see here), but today I’m going to focus on Parisian fall style staples you can wear now! Keeping reading for the five classic pieces you need to incorporate into your wardrobe for fall.

White Button Down

A white button down is a must. It’s the basic foundation for any Parisian fall outfit. Wear them alone or under sweaters and dresses.

Striped Top/Sweater

A striped top always comes to mind — otherwise known as a Breton top. These shirts were traditionally thick, long sleeve white shirts with dark blue stripes. Today, the classic style can be incorporated into any top or sweater and with a mix of colors! I would still stick with classics like navy or black, but green or red are fun too.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is the perfect outerwear for a Parisian outfit. Throw it over any of the aforementioned pieces and it will bring the whole look together while providing some extra warmth. As it’s starting to get colder (at least here in NYC!) I would swap my trench coat for a similar style: a camel, wool coat.


I recently saw a TikTok decreeing blazers as an “it-trend” for fall and couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe blazers are more popular this year than they have been in the past, but they are a staple more than a trend. I would opt for a boxier style that you can layer in the fall.

Leather Boots

Finally, no outfit is complete without shoes. Parisians walk everywhere, so comfortable boots that are durable are a must. Specifically, a pair of black leather boots or booties are the ultimate staple.

Let me know what other Parisian fall style staples you would add to the list!



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