Your Most Loved Items of 2021

Happy New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe it’s almost 2022 โ€” this year flew by! While I’m ready to kick start a new year, I couldn’t end this one without rounding up some fan favorites. I’m sharing the top 8 most loved items I shared in 2021 (and similar items on those that sold out!).

So, let’s get into it!

#8: H&M Ripped Loose Jeans

Honestly, these were a favorite of mine too โ€” I definitely wore them enough! The 90s style loose jeans are back in style and these jeans took that trend off the deep end. But I’m still a fan. While this exact wash isn’t available, you can still get them in black. I also ordered a dark wash pair.

#7: GG Dupe Tights

So, I actually got these for Christmas in 2020, and you guys have been loving them since last winter! Mine were originally from Etsy, but found another pair on Amazon. I normally don’t like dupes, but I’m so harsh on tights these are necessary. And somehow I still haven’t ripped mine!

#6: Madewell Classic Straight Leg Jeans

I’m a huge fan of Madewell jeans, especially the straight leg style. The washes always change, but the style stays consistent. I’ve had mine for years now, they’re such a closet staple.

#5: Navy Haircare Search & Rescue

By far my favorite shampoo and conditioner โ€” and yours too! My mom loves it as well (and by default my dad steals it). I’ve been using them for over a year now. And while it’s time for me to switch up my shampoo (my hair gets “used” to shampoo after awhile), I will definitely be coming back to this combo!

#4: Zadie Feather Bag

I think this is my favorite purchase of 2021. Everyone needs a fun bag and I scored this one on major sale in the spring! It’s currently sold out, but it’s a style that comes back in stock so I will keep my eye out. In the meantime, linking other similar options. You can also check on Poshmark if you want this exact style! I love how you can wear it with a simple jeans outfit or dress it up!

#3: Amazon White Cowboy Boots

This is something else I bought in 2020, but continues to be a fan favorite. Cowboy boots took over this year, especially white ones. I bought this pair from Amazon and they’ve held up really well! I can’t link the exact seller anymore, but I found the same pair from a different Amazon seller!

#2: Gisou Hair Oil

Another favorite hair product of mine, the Gisou hair oil is insane! I love to put it on after I finish styling my hair, but it works on wet hair and before styling as well! I just have a mini bottle and it’s lasted so long. But it’s worth every penny!

#1: Express Brown Faux Leather Pants

You guys went crazy for these pants back in January. Sadly, they’re no longer available. But the good news is that faux leather pants had a major moment this year, so I’ve found some similar ones!

So, I’ve realized that you guys really trust me when it comes to pants and hair products! But, I can’t wait to see what your favorites are in 2022!



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