My 25th Birthday and the Perfect Winter Outfit

Over this past weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday (I’m still in shock). Although I’m not celebrating in Europe — which was my original plan that’s been canceled because of COVID — it was a great weekend! And I’m continuing the celebrations this coming weekend in Nashville. If you’re new here, make sure you read my Nashville travel guide!

25 Facts About Me

With that being said, I thought I would share 25 facts about me!

  1. I moved to NYC last year for grad school at Columbia University.
  2. I finished grad school last month and now work full time in digital marketing.
  3. I lived in North Carolina for four years during college (Elon University).
  4. I say I’m from Baltimore, but I really mean the suburbs.
  5. I took dance lessons for about 15 years — ballet (and pointe), tap, and jazz.
  6. I played soccer as a kid and then switched to lacrosse.
  7. I was in a sorority in college (Alpha Omicron Pi).
  8. My favorite color is pink.
  9. I have a huge sweet tooth, but not for candy — give me all the chocolate!
  10. I studied abroad in London for four months in 2017 and am dying to go back.
  11. My new go-to drink, besides wine with dinner, is an espresso martini.
  12. I don’t watch a ton of tv, but if I do it’s either reality tv with friends or crime procedurals at night in bed.
  13. I love to read and was an English literature major.
  14. I also majored in strategic communication (which is what I have a masters degree in too) and minored in professional writing studies.
  15. I take pretty much all of my own photos (including these) on my tripod!
  16. My family has pets (cats and a dog), but I don’t have my own in NYC. Would love to get a cat in the next year or so though!
  17. I’ve traveled to 8 countries outside of the U.S. and plan to travel to many more.
  18. When it comes to school and work (and even other places) I show up neurotically early.
  19. Fall is my favorite season, but I love winter fashion the most.
  20. I love living in NYC, but my biggest peeve is that it’s either really hot or really cold with maybe four nice days in between. I very much prefer moderate weather.
  21. I would eat a croissant every single morning if it wasn’t terrible for me.
  22. Iced coffee for me over hot any day.
  23. Paris and London are tied for my favorite places ever.
  24. I’m Greek on my mom’s side and would love to visit Greece.
  25. I grew up Catholic and went to an all-girls Catholic middle school and high school.

Did any of these facts surprise you? It was hard thinking of 25! Anyway, on to the outfit since most of you are here for the fashion!

The Best Winter Outfit

Fact #19: winter fashion is my favorite. That might surprise you since I go on and on about loving fall and fall fashion. But there’s something about winter fashion — maybe trying to make bulky, practical clothes look good calls to my creative side?

But really, I think I love winter fashion the most because of the fabrics. Give me all the leather, (faux) fur, satin, sequins, tweed, etc.! And, it’s the perfect excuse to buy one of my favorite pieces — jackets/coats! Now, you know I love buying shoes, especially boots and heels, but coats and jackets are up there with my favorite closet pieces to snag. Especially when it’s a fun jacket or coat!

So this brings me back to the perfect winter outfit. In my opinion, there is no superior outfit than a statement jacket or coat. It’s so easy to style, just go for a monochromatic basic look. For today’s post I paired faux leather flare pants with a black turtleneck and black booties. On it’s own, it’s cute, but nothing special. But add the jacket on top? It’s next level.

And can we take a moment to appreciate the jacket? You can bury me in it; I’m so obsessed! Faux fur jackets/coats always catch my eye, but when I saw the print I was in love! It’s currently on sale for $60 but will sell out fast!

Linking the rest of my outfit below!



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