A Weekend Ski Trip in Vermont


It’s that time of the year again when the winter blues start to hit. Especially living in NYC, it can get really dreary. But there’s not better way to fix that than a weekend trip. My friends and I decided to really embrace the winter season and go on a weekend ski trip!

I must start this recap by letting you all know that I had never skied before in my life… I was going mainly for the aprรจs ski. Anyway, let’s get into it.

Where We Stayed

The ski resort we planned to visit was Sugarbush Resort in Warren, VT. Unfortunately, the Airbnbs we looked at were already booked. Instead, we stayed 20 minutes away in a cute little town called Roxbury, VT. The Airbnb we rented had four bedrooms and could sleep up to 14. There were two larger bedrooms downstairs with queen beds. Upstairs had another bedroom with a double bed and a twin. And the fourth bedroom had two double beds, a twin bed, and a bunk bed with a couch/TV area.

My only two complaints were that there were only two bathrooms and the hot tub was broken. Otherwise, it was idyllic. The fireplace kept everything nice and cozy and the kitchen was pretty big. The best part of the location was the Roxbury Country Store that was across the street. The town is a little remote, so it was nice to go buy coffee and other staples in the morning.


Where We Ate

Surprisingly enough, rural Vermont is not a noteworthy food destination. I can’t exactly recommend places to eat, except for maybe at Sugarbush Resort. We never ended up eating there because we were so tired after skiing and just went back.

My one recommendation is to call ahead and make sure that the restaurant will stay open. Quite a few closed at 6pm and none of them offered a delivery option. Either that or buy groceries to cook at home. With the snow the first night, it was too difficult to drive into a nearby town, so luckily we add groceries for pasta.


What We Did

Obviously the trip was meant to be a ski trip, so that’s how we spent our Saturday. We went to Mt. Lincoln at Sugarbush Resort and skied there. There was a mix of green, blue, and black slopes to choose from, as well as group and private lessons. At the base of the mountain were two restaurants and a waffle cabin (which was delicious by the way). There’s also s’mores by the fire at 3pm.

Other than skiing, we spent a lot of time at the Airbnb. Again, the hot tub was broken, so that was a huge bummer. The fireplace definitely helped make up for it though โ€” there’s really nothing like building a fire! We also brought A TON of board games. We played Ticket to Ride, Cards Against Humanity, Secret Hitler โ€” which might have been the most fun game โ€” and Catan. The Airbnb also had a lot of board games in the living room!

And of course, the winter vibes were fully cultivated by the Winter Olympics! We had this on in the background, only switching out for Revelry Power Hour playlists on YouTube.

If you have any other questions about our stay, ask away in the comments below! It was such a fun getaway and I would definitely go back.



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