The Four Unexpected Spring Trends You’ll Want to Add-to-Cart Immediately

unexpected spring trends: low rise
unexpected spring trends: denim skirts
unexpected spring trends: micro mini skirt
unexpected spring trends: cargo skirts

Let’s preface this post with the fact I love the classics. In fact, I’ve written multiple blog posts that are odes to a classic wardrobe. But, while I can happily spend my days in blazers and a good pair of straight leg jeans, nothing quite excites me like a new trend. Unexpected trends are even better. So, let’s get into the four unexpected spring trends you need to start wearing ASAP.

Micro Mini Skirts

“skirts should be the size of a belt.. life’s short, take risks”

Paris Hilton

Y2K style has been trending the past two years, so it only makes sense that we would take note from the 2000s queen herself, Paris Hilton. And she said it best when she commented on skirt length. I recently learned that skirt trends are also an indicator of our faith in the economy. Apparently, shorter lengths mean more faith, whereas longer skirts indicate anxiety. So I guess this just means we need to spend more money… on skirts!

Cargo Style

Call me (beep me) Kim Possible because cargo style is in. I truly can’t believe those words are leaving my mouth. If you told me even two months ago that I would be advocating cargo pants/skirts/etc. I would have laughed in your face. But now there’s something about the relaxed style that just seems so effortlessly cool. Unless you want to totally embrace the boyish look, the key to wearing cargo is to pair it with flirty, feminine pieces — e.g. a sheer, flowy top.

Low-Rise Waists

Hear me out. Nothing on this planet could convince me to give up my high-rise jeans and pants. But, there is definitely room in the closet for the occasional low-rise piece. I’m not quite at the point where my pants are going to stop below the hip bone, but going a little lower is more doable than you’d think.

This is the perfect trend to pair with cargo style because the bagginess just works with low-rise. Again, both are effortless in a tom-boy way. I think because both feel so masculine that it just makes wearing them, especially with girly pieces, so much fun. Next on my outfit list is low-rise pants with a corset top — instant model-off-duty vibes.

Denim Skirts

Ok, so maybe this isn’t one of the unexpected spring trends, but it’s definitely one that’s slowly popping up. If you’re a long-time follower you know how much I love denim skirts. But, the past few years they seemed to have disappeared. I am more than happy to announce that they’re coming back. One of my favorite iterations? The pleated, tennis-style denim skirt! And of course, micro mini skirts will be at the forefront. I actually think that midi-length denim skirts will have a moment as well!

Anyway, I clearly put three of these four trends together with this outfit: a micro-mini, low-rise, cargo skirt! I love it paired with the sheer top and cowboy boots. Like mentioned, these trends work well when paired with flirty pieces to give some balance. On the other hand, I saw my skirt paired with an oversized white button down, buttoned to the collar and can’t wait to recreate the look. The key here is pairing classic structured pieces with more laid back ones.

Let me know what you think of these trends in the comments below!



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