How to Style Shearling UGG Tazz Slippers

how to style UGG Shearling Tazz slippers
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Shearling UGG Tazz slippers
how to style shearling UGGs
how to style shearling UGG Tazz slippers
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UGGs made their official comeback last autumn and I couldn’t be happier. Rather than the calf-high style that was everywhere in the 2010s, it’s all about the minis and the slippers — especially if they’re platforms. With that being said, one style is the clear stand out this year: the shearling UGG Tazz platform slipper.

Every major retailer is struggling to keep these bad boys on the shelves. Pro tip: check your local department store if you can’t find your size in stock online.

Now, the real question is how to style them. Obviously, UGGs are the perfect finishing touch for your casual outfits. Think loungewear, leggings, etc. But, you don’t need to limit to that! I decided to pair mine with a pleated mini skirt and cable knit turtleneck. Add a wool coat over top and it blends perfectly — not too casual, but not overly put together!

I like to think this is a cozy spin on a Gossip Girl-esque look. It’s classic, a little bit preppy, but the shoes are unexpected! If you haven’t heard of the wrong-shoe theory, it’s a styling technique where you finish your outfit with shoes that don’t really make sense and it’s instantly more chic! Think: overalls with ballet flats, linen shorts with cowboy boots, etc. And I definitely think it works in this case!

What do you think of the shearling UGG Tazz platforms? Would you wear this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!



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