The Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without (Not Makeup!)

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Happy Thursday! It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty based post, so I thought today I would share some of the beauty products I use all the time. These are the products I use either every day, or at the very least every week.

First up is a jade roller. And to be perfectly honest, my dad broke part of mine awhile back, so I’m only really using the smaller end. While I do plan to get a new one (eventually) I still love using the smaller end after I apply eye cream. I have chronic puffy under eyes and dark circles from genetics and allergies, so I like to do anything I can. I really think the coolness of the jade helps with the puffiness—at least marginally.

Next is the new self tanner I’ve been using. I have to say, this is one of my favorite self tanners ever! I put it on and am instantly tanner, so by the time it’s been on for a few hours I look like I’ve been in Florida! Also, you can’t beat that $13 price tag. One caveat: it definitely transfers color onto clothes and sheets, but it easily comes out in the wash! But, if stained sheets really bother you, I also really like this pre-shower self tanner that’s stain free (it just takes a little longer to build a tan).

You guys. I have been using the Josie Maran Argan oil since middle school and can’t imagine life without it. I use it for literally everything: my face, my hair, my cuticles, even on my legs, arms, and feet! A little goes a long way with this stuff and it is so worth it. I usually use it on my face at night under moisturizer, but like I said there are so many different ways it can be used.

I don’t know about you, but dry shampoo saves my life on a weekly basis. I’ll be perfectly honest here, I hate washing my hair. The shower pressure in my apartment sucks so it takes 7 years to get shampoo out of my thick hair. And then blow drying and styling? Way too much effort on my part. So I try to go as long as possible without washing and I am pretty lucky because my hair doesn’t get greasy very fast. But when it does, this dry shampoo comes to the rescue. I’ve tried others and have yet to find one that works as well as this product.

Just like the Argan oil, I’ve been using Clinique moisturizer for years. Occasionally throughout the years I try a new moisturizer, but this is the one I always go back to. As someone with dry skin, this really does do the job.

Ok, you’re probably thinking, why is there a toothbrush on this list? But, I think keeping my teeth looking clean and white counts! My mom just got me an electric toothbrush for Christmas and I will never go back. Regular toothbrushes just don’t clean half as well. If you don’t have one yet, order ASAP!

Last on the list is this body lotion. Once again being honest, I forget to put lotion on my body (aside from my face and neck) all the time and have dry skin. But one use of this product and my legs are looking fresh and moisturized! I love that it’s pretty much fragrance free too—I weirdly hate when my lotion competes with my perfume. This is the perfect lotion to put on before bed and wake up with fresh looking skin!

That’s it for this week, I hope you enjoyed it! What other beauty posts would you like to see in the future?



Weekend Sales Round Up

Happy Friday! It’s a little late, but for this week’s blog post I’m sharing some sales to shop this weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in a shopping fever lately. With spring coming up, all I want to do is buy spring items. Thinking of the warm weather I’m going to have in New Orleans is the only thing getting me through this week. But anyway, if you’re like me right now, then I’m sure you’ve been looking for some sales to shop for spring items. Happy shopping!

Asos — 20% off with code LUCKYME


Abercrombie — BOGO 50% off jeans


Ann Taylor — up to 40% off + extra 50% off sale items


Nasty Gal — 50% off





The Teddy Jacket You Can Wear Through Spring

The Teddy Jacket You Can Wear Through Spring

The Teddy Coat You Can Wear Through Spring 8The Teddy Coat You Can Wear Through Spring 5The Teddy Coat You Can Wear Through Spring 7The Teddy Coat You Can Wear Through Spring 1The Teddy Coat You Can Wear Through Spring 4The Teddy Coat You Can Wear Through Spring 9

The thing I hate most about this time of year? I never know what to wear. One day it’s cold (like today), the next it’s sunny and warm. The way I’ve found that I can deal with this weather is to wear a lot of light layers. And with that being said, this teddy jacket is a game changer. I cannot tell you how often I’ve worn this since it came in the mail almost two weeks ago—I’m pretty sure my roommates are tired of seeing it.

The reason I love this jacket is that it’s so soft and extremely light. It has the look of the heavier teddy coats that were taking over all winter long, but significantly thinner. I love that I can wear this on the warm days over a tank or t-shirt, and when it’s cold I can throw a heavier jacket on top. This jacket has been my go-to in place of cardigans while I’m in class (I don’t know why but the classrooms are always freezing).

In keeping with the weather, I paired my teddy jacket with the bodysuit I’ve been wearing since the summer. It was such a good piece and I should definitely buy it in white. Over that, I put on my Levi’s. Side note: up until this moment that I went to find a link to these jeans, I was under the impression that they were boyfriend fit. Apparently they’re skinny jeans, but whatever… Finally, to top off the casual look, I threw on my absolute favorite shoes ever. I thought they were completely out of stock—which they are on Nordstrom’s site—but I found them fully stocked in all colors! I could definitely use another pair since mine are pretty dirty.

In the spring, I plan on pairing this jacket with a simple tank top and denim shorts. I can throw on a pair of sandals and be good to go! It really is the perfect transitional piece from now through spring.

How do you dress for this in-between weather? Let me know in the comments below!



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Affordable Swimsuit Round Up

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you guys, but I am so done with the rainy, cold weather we’ve had in North Carolina. To deal with it, I just keep thinking about my upcoming trip to New Orleans. While it’s not a beach location (maybe I’ll get some pool time?), I know that a lot of people will be heading to the beach for spring break. So in anticipation, I though I would create a round up of affordable swimsuits and cover-ups I’m loving. Most of my picks are under $40!









Which swimsuit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!



Grad Announcements with Basic Invite

Grad Announcements with Basic Invite

grad announcements with basic invite 4grad announcements with basic invite 5grad announcements with basic invite 3grad announcements with basic invite 6

I think it’s that time of year when all the seniors avoid the dreaded g-word—otherwise known as “graduation.” But with graduation only a few months away (if someone tells me the exact countdown I will cry), it’s time to start thinking logistics. Who are you going to invite? How are you going to do it? It’s like high school graduation on steroids.

Luckily, I was able to create a few graduation announcements with Basic Invite. It’s a stationery company that does all things invitations, announcements, and thank you cards. From wedding invitations to online baby shower invitations, Basic Invite has you covered. What I really loved was that Basic Invite offers custom samples. I don’t have my graduation photos yet, so I took a couple photos that I liked and played around with the templates the company has to choose from. You can change the colors, the font, the font size, etc. And once you have the design you like, you can order a sample before committing! I tried out 6 templates and ordered a sample of each. Seeing them in person is definitely a lot different than on the computer, and I ended up liking one of my least favorites online the best!

Whether your next event is graduation, a wedding, or a baby shower (the ocean themed baby shower invitations are so cute!) you can’t go wrong! I was also so impressed by how fast my samples were delivered—way before the estimated arrival time. Also, if you have an upcoming event to plan for, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51.



Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Shopbop Sale 2019

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today marks the first day of the annual Shopbop sale. Since Shopbop seems to be a little on the pricier side, this is the perfect opportunity to snatch up those higher end items you’ve had your eye on. I’m talking bags, shoes, jeans, maybe a nice sweater. The sale will last from today until March 2nd, so if there’s something you want, grab it now before it’s gone!

To shop the sale, make sure you use code GOBIG19 for…

  • 15% off orders of $200+
  • 20% off orders of $500+
  • 25% off orders of $800+

To make it a little easier on you, I’ve curated some items I’m loving by category. All of my picks are perfect for spring and summer! Happy shopping 🙂