Summer Dress Haul

Summer Dress Haul

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is starting the week off right, especially since it’s a shorter week this week! Anywhooo, I’m going to kick off your Monday with a summer dress haul with Pretty Little Thing. I have three dresses (well 2 dresses, 1 romper) to share. Because it’s summer, I decided to move away from my typical black and white outfits and add some color! All three pieces are bright and fun—perfect for summer.

Outfit #1

summer dress haul 10summer dress haul 9

Out of all three dresses, this one is the comfiest! I love a loose, swingy dress for the summer. Even though it has long sleeves, the fabric is so light and again, loose, so it doesn’t stick to you. And how fun are the pink polka dots??

Outfit #2

summer dress haul 8summer dress haul 5summer dress haul 7

This dress might be my favorite just because I’m in LOVE with the peach color (although I def could’ve used some self tanner haha)! I’ve been loving all things eyelet lately too—I’ve gotten three eyelet dresses in the past two weeks. I dressed this outfit up by adding some wedges and my go-to bag for going out. It’s the perfect dress for any parties this summer.

Outfit #3

summer dress haul 3summer dress haul 2

Last, but not least, is this orangey-yellow romper. I love a romper for summer; they’re just so easy to throw on and go. I will say, I wished I sized up in this because it was tighter around the stomach and thighs than I would’ve preferred. If you like a tighter fit, go with your normal size. If you’re like me and prefer it to be loose, I think one size up would be perfect!

So that’s all three outfits! I first heard of Pretty Little Thing when I studied abroad in London and I think they’re a great brand to check out for on trend styles that won’t break the bank! But anyway, that’s all for today. I’ll be sharing another travel guide on the blog soon so stay tuned!



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Paris Travel Guide

Paris Travel Guide

paris travel guide 4paris travel guide 7paris travel guide 5paris travel guide 2paris travel guide 3

If you know me, then you know how much I love Paris. From the food, the fashion, the culture—I’m obsessed with it all! Because it’s one of my favorite cities, I’m so excited to be sharing my travel guide with you today. I’m obviously not an expert (I’ve only been three times), but if you’re planning a trip I would definitely give this guide a read!

But before I jump into my Paris travel guide, let’s talk outfit. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this sequin dress from Chicwish! It’s so feminine and delicate and I felt so pretty wearing it. I love that the sequins make out little starfish—it’s the perfect print for summer without going over-the-top beachy. It’s also perfect for summer because even though it has long sleeves, the fabric is sheer and lightweight! Side note: the dress is a bit more low cut than I like so I pinned it to keep it closed!

If you read my previous post (dressing like a French it-girl), then you know that kitten heels are a must in Paris. Of course, I had to buy some and pair them with this dress. I love kitten heels because they are so easy to walk in, but still add a glamorous touch!

Anyway, now that the outfit is out of the way, let’s get into the guide. Just a warning, this is going to be a looooong post.

What You Need to Know Before Arriving

If you’re flying into Charles de Gaulle airport, which I assume you would, you should know that you won’t be right in the middle of Paris. You’re going to need transportation into the city and it’ll take about an hour.

There are a few different options for you to take but here are my suggestions: either call an Uber or take Le Bus Direct. Depending on how many people you’re traveling with might make the decision for your price wise. It costs about €20 per person to take Le Bus Direct and you’ll make quite a few stops along the way (increasing your travel time). Plus, once you get to your stop you still need to navigate to your hotel.

My parents and I decided to take an Uber which cost a little under €60, which would have been the price for all three of us to take Le Bus Direct. I liked taking an Uber because we didn’t have to worry about stops and we went straight to the hotel.

You could also call a taxi and there are other buses that are less expensive, but more time consuming. Regardless, just know that it’s going to take a little bit of time to get to your hotel.


Where to Stay

Because I went with my parents on this last trip, we stayed at a nicer hotel than I would have if I was on my own. We stayed at the Westin Paris in the 1st arrondissement. It was a beautiful hotel, very close to the Jardin des Tuileries, but also in one of the wealthiest areas of Paris. Location wise it also wasn’t that close to other attractions we wanted to see. But, don’t let that stop you because Paris is easy to navigate!

When I was in Paris almost two years ago with just my mom for the weekend, we stayed at an Airbnb which we loved. I would definitely check into this because it might be easier to find a place in the neighborhood you want to be in.


Main Attractions

Paris has quite a few tourist attractions that I definitely think are worth a see, at least on your first visit. Because there are so many, I’m not going to go into detail on each one.

  • Eiffel Tower (the most obvious one! Go as early as possible to beat the line or order a ticket ahead of time)
  • Arc de Triomphe (great view of Paris)
  • Champs-Élysées
  • Louvre (also super crowded so go early. Be warned, it’s a very overrated museum. I like the Musée D’Orsay 10x better)
  • Palais Royal
  • Trocadéro (go here for infamous pics with the Eiffel Tower behind you)

  • Moulin Rouge (I still haven’t made it for a cabaret show, but it’s on my list!)
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Sainte-Chapelle
  • Jardin des Tuileries
  • Sacre Coeur Basilica
  • Catacombs (also still on my list of things to do)

Honestly, I could probably find at least 10 more attractions to add, but these are definitely the top!



Paris is comprised of different neighborhoods (arrondissements) that all have different things to offer. Here are just some that I think are worth seeing.


If you’re looking for an area of Paris that looks quintessentially French than this is it. The neighborhood is on top of steep hill so getting there can be annoying. At the bottom is the Moulin Rouge. At the very top of the hill is the Sacre Couer basilica. This area has religious ties dating back to pagan times and features a beautiful view of the city.

You can also find the famous Le Consultat restaurant, plus quite a bit of shopping. If you’re into art than this is also the place to go! There are so many street artists and little shops featuring beautiful paintings of Paris, especially the Montmartre area.

Latin Quarter

When I first went to Paris on a high school trip when I was 15, this is the area we stayed in. It’s the same neighborhood that houses the famous Sorbonne University, so it’s definitely a younger area. It’s also home to the famous Shakespeare and Co. book store! If you’re a book lover like me then this store is a dream come true. I honestly could have spent hours in there!

Besides books, this area also has a lot of cool cafes and a very hip vibe. I would definitely stay in this neighborhood again, especially since it feels so central to other parts of Paris.

Le Marais

This is one of the oldest parts of Paris because it features one of the only areas that Napoleon didn’t try to revitalize in the 19th century. It was once an area where the Parisian aristocracy congregated, but later became an area full of poor, bohemian artists. It is most recently known for being the city’s Jewish quarter.

If you like to shop than Le Marais is definitely the place to do so! My mom and I spent pretty much the whole day shopping while my dad sipped on wine at a cafe. But there is more to Le Marais than just shopping; there are a ton of art galleries, plus a few attractions to see. First is the Place des Vosges, the oldest planned square in the city. You could also check on Victor Hugo’s mansion which has since been turned into a museum (unfortunately it was closed when I went so I still haven’t seen it).

Where to Eat

I’ll be perfectly honest, a lot of our meals were hit or miss in Paris. There are cafes and brasseries on practically every street, so you will never be without an option. Every morning we started our day with a coffee and croissant and let me just say, there is no better breakfast. Any cafe you go to will serve this and serve it well! Just be slightly more picky when it comes to lunch/dinner.

Personally, I pay more attention to dessert and sweets, so here are some of my recommendations:

  • Angelina is a must. It’s known for the infamous hot chocolate that is out of this world. If you don’t like chocolate don’t even bother getting it. It is so rich it tastes like you’re drinking melted chocolate—obviously I loved it! But definitely go here for a nicer brunch regardless.
  • Ladurée. Probably the most well known macaron store around the world. You can go here to pick up pastries or have a sit down meal. I will say, Ladurée was my absolute favorite place to go for macarons, but now I have a new favorite. Which leads me to…
  • Pierre Hermé. If you want the fluffiest, most magical macarons you will ever taste in your life then this is the place to go. I still dream about these macarons and I know none will ever taste as good.


Day/Weekend Trips

If you’re going to be in Paris for awhile, I also suggest taking day or weekend trips. If you can, definitely go to Versailles. The palace alone is worth seeing, plus the beautiful gardens. There is also a gigantic open air market and the pace is a lot slower than Paris. We took a train there for €7.50 round trip and spent about half a day there.

If you have a little longer, I would definitely go to Provence. The French countryside is so different from Paris and both are equally enchanting. If you like a slower pace than Provence is a great area. And who doesn’t want to see the amazing lavender fields?


So, there you have it! My complete guide to Paris. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and leave some comments below!



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Paris Fashion Inspiration: Dressing Like a French It-Girl

Paris Fashion Inspiration: Dressing Like a French It-Girl

If ever I feel like I’m in a fashion rut, traveling is sure to change it. With that being said, nothing truly inspires me like traveling to Europe. Every time I go to a new city, my creative side is sparked—great for my Instagram, not so much for my bank account!

As one of the fashion capitals of the world—if not the capital—Paris embodies a cool, sophisticated vibe that’s matched in the fashion. Beautiful white architecture corresponds with understated white blouses, the natural elements of the city are reflected in simple hair and makeup. There are so many ways I’m feeling inspired after my short visit to Paris, and I want to share them all!


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Muse mafia ⚡️ via @lau.delaa

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If you’re going to dress like a Parisian, investing in high quality denim is a must. A good pair of jeans is truly a staple for chic French girls. The style I saw on repeat (and decided to finally partake in myself!) is straight cut cropped jeans. Obviously, this isn’t only a trend in Paris, but pretty much everyone there is on board. I just ordered these Levi’s (I saw them at Shopbop first, but got them almost $20 cheaper on Amazon!), but here are a few other options I’m loving:

Trench Coats

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Sister sister

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I already talked about this on Instagram, but when in Paris a trench coat is a must. Everyone has one and they’re perfect for chilly spring weather: they fight off the cold and keep you dry when it rains (just make sure to bring an umbrella too!).

Feminine Dresses

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In love with this little dress 💛 @pia_mbd

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From slip dresses to wrap styles, anything that screams feminine from the 90s is a yes. Bonus points if it has puffy capped sleeves! If you’re looking for a dress that truly screams Parisian it-girl, Reformation is the way to go. It’s a little pricier, but it’s a French brand that embodies the spirit of the feminine dress. Here are some dresses I’m loving from Reformation and other brands!

Kitten Heels

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Dream shoes @musierparis

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The last outfit tip I’m taking from the French girls is kitten heels. Like I mentioned before with the denim, this is by know means a new style but it just fits in so well with other aspects of the Parisian wardrobe. I’m already imagining an outfit with my new straight leg jeans, a billowy blouse and the kitten heels I had to buy! As a petite girl, I love any shoe that gives me an extra boost so I’m all about this trend; it lends some height without making you uncomfortable. Here are some kitten heels to check out:

Just writing this post has me wanting to shop ’til I drop! I hope this inspires you as much as it inspired. Before I go, I want to share some of the stores I love to help with my French it-girl inspiration:

Do you have any other stores I should add to this list? Also, how will you incorporate this French trends? Let me know in the comments below!



What to Wear to a Summer Party

What to Wear to a Summer Party

What to Wear to Summer Parties 4What to Wear to Summer Parties 1What to Wear to Summer Parties 7What to Wear to Summer Parties 3-2

Happy Tuesday! I am especially happy today because I’m heading out of the country for about 10 days (check my Instagram tomorrow to see where I’m headed!). Anyway, a few weeks ago I created a poll on Instagram about what you wanted to see on the blog and a few of you requested outfits for summer parties. So, you asked and I delivered!

I just recently received this romper in the mail from Chicwish and let me just say: run, don’t walk to go buy it! I’ve never worn a more flattering, feminine romper and I just can’t say enough good things about it. The fabric is light, so even though it has long sleeves it’s perfect for summer events.

This outfit would be perfect for a graduation party (just change the shoes depending on how dressed up you want to be), a bachelorette weekend, or just a date night out. I actually planned to wear this to a friend’s graduation party, but changed last minute because of the rain. But I absolutely love it paired with a neutral pair of wedges and will probably outfit repeat for another summer party!

Also, I forgot to mention: there’s a clasp at the neckline. I like mine clasped so nothing shows, but if you want a deeper vee you can leave it unclasped!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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How to Style Summer Shorts Up and Down

How to Style Summer Shorts Up and Down

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I love more than a versatile piece of clothing. And in the summer, for me that’s usually shorts! I live in shorts throughout the summer, especially loose-fitting, comfortable ones. So, because you’ll probably be seeing a lot of that in the next couple of months, I thought I would share how I style the same pair of shorts both up and down.


how to style summer shorts up and down 18how to style summer shorts up and down 9

To dress these shorts up, I added a delicate eyelet body suit and some wedges. For me, shoes play a major factor in dressing an outfit up or down. Throw on a pair of heels or wedges and you’re ready to hit the town! I would definitely wear this outfit to a girls night out/date night or happy hour. To keep the look fun and summery, I also added this cute lemon bag I bought last year!


how to style summer shorts up and down 15how to style summer shorts up and down 8how to style summer shorts up and down 13how to style summer shorts up and down 2

Like I said before, shoes are everything when it comes to deciding the dress-factor of an outfit. To make this a more casual outfit, I switched my bodysuit for a comfy tee and my wedges for my dad sneakers. I also changed out the delicate bag for a more everyday, carry-all type of bag. I love the sporty vibes from the top and shoes combined with a girlier pair of gingham shorts. This is the type of outfit I’d wear every day—it’s perfect for class, weekends, and running errands!

The best part of both of these outfits? You could wear either one for the Fourth of July! Having a classy party, go with outfit #1. For a friendly BBQ and fireworks party, try outfit #2. But whether or not you want to wear these outfits for the 4th, definitely snap them up because they’re so affordable.

That’s all for this week! Which look would you wear—outfit #1 or #2? Let me know in the comments below!



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My Latest DSW Finds

My Latest DSW Finds


Happy Wednesday! Although, with Memorial Day, today feels more like a Tuesday. But at least Friday comes that much quicker! Anyway, I did a little shopping recently, so I thought I’d share some of my latest DSW shoe finds. I’m going to Europe in two weeks so I’ve been on the hunt for cute and comfortable shoes I can take with me.

First up are these snakeskin slides I’m wearing above. My mom actually got these for me while I was still at school and I didn’t realize exactly how freaking comfortable they are. They’re such an easy shoe to slip on and go—they go perfectly with so many different outfits. I’ve been loving them with a simple white tee and denim short combo to give the outfit a little extra oomph.

Next are a trend I’ve been dying to jump on board: dad shoes. I get that they aren’t for everyone, but I think they look so chic with a sundress or flowy skirt. I wore them yesterday (check my Insta!) with a leopard tank and black shorts and absolutely loved the look. The best part is I’m pretty sure these shoes were $100 at Urban Outfitters, but I got them for just $65!

Finally, I also bought the comfiest sneaker I’ve ever worn. So many people have raved about the Adidas cloud foam shoes, so my mom and I had to check them out. After trying them on it was a no-brainer for the both of us. We need something comfy for those long days of walking around and I like that the subtle color makes them a bit more chic to wear with cute outfits. I know my feet will thank me!

Anyway, that’s my roundup of my recent DSW purchases. They really are a go-to store for trendy shoes for a little bit less than department store prices. What shoes are you grabbing for the summer?



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