What to Pack for Spring Break

Spring Break Edit


Hello, lovely readers! I’ve been super busy lately, so sorry for the late post today. On that note though, spring break starts Friday! I’m going home first, but then my family is going on a short vacay to Scottsdale, Arizona. The upcoming trip inspired me to create a quick post on some vacation and beachwear products that I know I will be putting my list!
  1. Fun clutch. Vacation is the perfect time to try out a fun, new clutch that you wouldn’t otherwise wear. I love this one because of the straw material and the multicolored pompoms.
  2. Romper. I am OBSESSED with this romper. From the flutter sleeves, to the cute button details, it’s just perfect. I love rompers for vacation because they have all the perks of a dress, but allow for more range of movement and activities.
  3. Swimsuit. If you’re going somewhere with a beach or a pool, swimsuits are obviously a must. I love this one by Becca because of the fun colors and side tassels!
  4. OTS top. Off the shoulder tops aren’t going anywhere for the time being, so update this look with a bright color and tassels.
  5. Espadrilles. Nothing says vacation quite like espadrilles. I’m loving this sneaker version of the trend, and haven’t seen a pair with straw all over.
  6. Maxi dress. After spending your day by the beach or the pool, throw on a cute maxi dress for dinner later that night.
  7. Beach hat. I know whenever I go to the beach/pool I have to have my face covered. This hat is perfect with its wide brim, but manages to look cute and not tacky.
  8. Bright earrings. Although I personally don’t switch up my jewelry that much, spring break is the perfect time to do so! Try some fun, dangly earrings in a bright color to add a little something-something to an otherwise plain outfit.

I hope this edit inspires all of you to start breaking out the bright colors and other vacation essentials for your spring break! And if you don’t have a vacation coming up, start planning what you’ll be wearing over the summer!



Gift Guide For the Girls

Gift Guide
 Finding gifts for your best girl friends can be so much fun, but it can also be difficult to find that perfect gift, especially if you’re working on a budget. Every year my friends and I have a secret santa gift exchange (we use Elfster!) and this year our price limit is $20 (can you say broke college student?). With that in mind, I though I’d share some items I found that I put on my own wishlist and some others that I just love. The best part is that they’re all under $25 and most of them aren’t even $20!
  1. Face Masks. I’ve personally tried some of these sheet masks from Urban Outfitters and they’re so great! I can’t say for sure that they did what they said they would, because I’ve only used each different kind once, but they did really moisturize my face. The best part is that they’re only $3, but you can get 4 for $10.
  2. Korres Body Wash. I’ve used Korres body wash in the past and it is my absolute fave. I really love the Bergamot Pear scent, but I’m pretty sure it’s been discontinued. But, the brand has a new one called White Tea Bergamot Freesia, that I’m definitely going to have to try.
  3. Bite Lipstick Duo. In the past I’ve tried a Bite lipstick duo and they’re honestly so great. Even though they’re small, you get a good amount of lipstick for the price. What I love about this one is that you apply one color first, and then there’s a shimmery color that goes over it. I’m definitely going to get one for myself, but I can’t decide which color combo; I want all four!
  4. Glow on the Go Set. I am a HUUGE fan of highlighter. Although I haven’t tried this particular one, I’ve heard great things about the brand, and 2 different highlighters for $20 is a pretty good deal.
  5. Beanie. For all your beanie loving friends, this is the perfect gift. Who doesn’t love a furry pom pom?
  6. Kate Spade Thermal Mug. How cute is this owl print thermal mug? This gift is perfect for that coffee loving friend who’s always on the go.
  7. BaubleBar Earrings. Who doesn’t love BaubleBar earrings? I saw that this pair was on sale and Nordstrom and just had to include it in my gift guide. These would make a perfect addition to any holiday party look!
  8. Monogram Mug. This is the perfect gift for the friend who monograms everything (and even for the friends who don’t). I actually received one of these mugs a few years ago (they must be popular to still be around), but I’m pretty sure mine was stolen at college last  year :/ Anyway, they’re so cute and have that nice personalized touch you can’t go wrong with.
  9. Tarteist Pro To Go Palette. I’m kind of obsessed with makeup palettes, I never buy eyeshadow loose. I was browsing the gift section on sephora and saw this palette and I can’t help but think that this is the perfect holiday makeup palette. The colors are pretty neutral, but shimmery and fun for party season.
  10. Gourmand Perfume. Gourmand is a line that I keep seeing at Urban Outfitters that sells perfume, candles, lip balms, and more all in their 7 different scents. I really love the macaron rose scent, and although nothing could make me give up my Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet perfume, this is a scent I wouldn’t mind every now and then.

Hope you liked my gift guide and remember, only 13 more days until Christmas! If you liked my post, don’t be afraid to give me a follow!



The November Edit

November Edit


 Nastygal Skirt, Free People Scarf, Steve Madden Boots, BaubleBar Earrings, UGG Clogs, Lulu’s Jacket, H&M Sweater

I realize that it’s technically not November yet, but we’re only a day away so why not? As we move into November, I think tall boots, warm sweaters, and lots of layers. Unfortunately for me, it’s not actually cold here in North Carolina. Yesterday was almost 80 degrees. But, I  can dream can’t I? Above are just some items I’ve seen lately that’ve caught me eye online.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing red leather skirts everywhere. I think this is such a fun fall trend that could easily transfer to winter. Right now I’d pair it with a pair of booties, but as it gets colder I’d switch the booties out for over-the-knee boots like that gorgeous pair above, or wear it with tights.

Along with the Steve Madden boots, I also included these clogs by UGG. I recently saw a girl on campus wearing clogs and thought they looked so cute. Coincidently, I later saw another blogger featuring a pair of clogs on her site too. I’m predicting that clogs are about to make a big come-back soon. Just imagine how cute they’d look with an a-line skirt or paired with some killer flare jeans. Although I love that the UGG clogs have shearling lining (who needs socks when your feet are surrounded by fur?) this pair from asos is really similar and less than a third of the price.

Scarves are definitely a fave accessory of mine. As someone who’s always cold, I love being able to throw on a chic scarf for some extra warmth. The scarf above is from Free People and the reason I love it is because it reminds me of this other cream scarf I have, which is sadly dying a slow death (I’ll probably still wear it though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). Everyone needs a good neutral scarf, and this one just looks so comfy! I definitely need to go see it in person and find out if it’s as soft as it looks!

As a little girl I was obsessed with dangly earrings. It might have something to do with not being allowed to wear them at Catholic school  (it was horrible, in elementary school we could only wear studs, obviously just one piercing, and if we wore a necklace it had to be religious in some way). I figure the oppression I faced in school made me go crazy outside of it. Funnily enough, when I moved onto middle and high school, I really only ever wore my diamond studs (two piercings now though haha). Now, in college I’m beginning to branch out again. I still mostly wear my studs, but I did jump on the ear jacket trend and now the hoop trend. I’m still not going to go crazy with the dangly earrings like my 9-year-old self, but I actually really love this pair from BaubleBar. They are a little crazy, but I think the muted colors tone it down. I would definitely set my go-to studs aside a few times for these lovelies.

Last season we saw the fur revival, mainly in fur vests. I have to say that fur is still one of my favorite fall/winter trends. I jumped on board last year with the obvious vest choice, as well as a long stole. There’s just something so luxe about fur and the trend is here to stay. I recently saw the above jacket when browsing lulus.com and thought it was just so cute. I also saw this burgundy version from Forever21 and this extra fuzzy one from asos.

The final item on my edit is a cable knit sweater. I love the oversized grandpa sweater look.  I think that when done right, the effect is incredibly chic. I also really like that this sweater has a turtleneck. For the longest time I absolutely hated turtlenecks, but now I’ve done a complete 360 and am in love! If I do get this sweater, I’ll definitely buy a bigger size than normal to achieve the oversized look. I also recommend buying one from the mens department for the same effect.

That’s all I have for this week, if you enjoyed please give me a follow and don’t be afraid to comment below!