French Girl Style

French Girl Style



Zara Top, Victoria’s Secret Bralette, Pacsun Jeans (shop similar), Steve Madden booties, Goorin Bros. hat (shop similar)

Welcome back to all of my readers, and to any new readers, thanks for stopping by! This past weekend (not yesterday, but the weekend before) I was on fall break so I went home to see my family. While home, my mom and I decided to go shopping and I was so happy to find out that Zara finally opened at the mall. Zara is one of my favorite stores, but I really don’t like their website, although I always before physical shopping to online shopping. Anyway, as soon as I saw that it was open, I knew I wasn’t leaving without a new purchase!

Limiting myself to one item was hard, but I am so happy with the top I went home with. As soon as I saw it, I instantly thought that it looked so very “French girl.” So of course, I needed to create an outfit worthy of any Parisian. Nothing says French like a sheer top with a lacy bralette underneath, so that’s exactly what I did.

Immediately after, I gave myself some perfectly undone curls and threw on a black hat. No one wears black better than the French. I actually got this hat in spring when I went to NYC with my mom, aunt, and cousin. My cousin introduced me to Goorin Bros. hats and I highly recommend! There are multiple locations and the store has a very old-fashioned millinery feel. Also, the employees will fit the hat to your head and you can pick out feathers to go on the side!

Keeping the outfit simple, I paired it with my new black booties I’ve been dying to share with you all. Last year I had a pair of black leather booties, but the leather kept pealing. So, I bought myself a new pair in suede. And I’m seriously in love! Booties are definitely my go-to during fall and winter because they’re so easy to throw on and I love that I gain a little height without going full-on heels. I definitely cannot be wearing stilettos on my walk to class.

To finish this look I went with a French classic: Chanel. My Chanel red lipstick is probably the most expensive lipstick I’ve ever bought, but it was definitely worth it! I have other red lipsticks, but nothing compares to Chanel. If you’re looking for a true red, Chanel Rouge  Allure in 104 Passion is definitely the way to go.

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On Trend With Zaful

On Trend With Zaful







Zaful Jacket c/o, Topshop shirt, forever21 skirt (shop similar), Adidas shoes

Today I want to share with you an outfit featuring my new bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are so in right now, and I wanted to join the trend. I really love this particular version because it features another great trend, embroidery. I love the delicate bird and flower embroidery on this jacket. It’s definitely a statement piece, which makes where I got it great. features so many on trend items that are completely affordable (those with a college budget take note!). If you check out zaful’s instagram, it’s full of on trend outfit inspo from their products. I actually have another item, this bell sleeve sweater, coming from zaful in the mail soon!

What I really love about bomber jackets is that they’re so great for fall. Everyone’s ready to break out the chunky sweaters and turtlenecks, but at least where I’m from it’s not actually that cold. Bomber jackets are nice because I can wear it comfortably with the sleeves pulled up now, but it will keep me warm at night when it’s chilly too.

I also really love how versatile bomber jackets are. Usually when you think bomber jacket, an edgier, sporty outfit comes  to mind. I like that I was able to pair mine with a button down skirt to create a look that still is somewhat sporty and edgy, but also feminine too. I think the delicate embroidery helps achieve that look. But really, there are so many color and pattern options out right now with bomber jackets, they’ve really become a staple for any wardrobe style.

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Fave Beauty Products

Fave Beauty Products

Hello all! This week I want to share with you all some of my favorite beauty products. These are just some products that I use (sometimes very) regularly.

First up is my moisturizer. I’ve been using Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion since middle school. Every now and then I try a new moisturizer, by I always fall back on this one. For some reason, I feel like a lot of other face lotions irritate my skin. The only downfall to this moisturizer is that it doesn’t have SPF, but my makeup does. I think I would die happy if Clinique came out with a new version of this product with SPF in it!

Going along the lines of lotion, I’m in love with the KORRES body butter. Unfortunately, the scent I love, Bergamot Pear, isn’t sold at Sephora. But you can find it through HSN. A little inconvenient, but it smells soooo good.


Next up is my exfoliator. Seriously the best body exfoliator there is (I mean Oprah said so…). My skin feels so soft after using this, and it’s really good to stimulate hair follicles before shaving. Also, if you feel like getting a spray tan or using self-tanner, this is definitely a must-have.

Besides my body exfoliator, I really love this lip exfoliant from Lush. My mom actually came across it this summer and got some for me too. I use it anytime I’m going to wear lipstick to get rid of any dead skin. I’m going to be perfectly honest, sometimes the exfoliant gets into my mouth and it tastes really good! Obviously, don’t eat it, but if you happen to swallow a bit you won’t die and it doesn’t taste like soap.


While I’m on the subject of Lush products, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this mask I just got from the brand. It’s called the Cosmetic Warrior mask, and it seriously cleared up this breakout I had so fast. It didn’t completely get rid of the zit (my skin doesn’t heal red marks quickly), but it made the blemish so much smaller and more manageable. Other reviews online are also really great for the product. A lot of people talk about how horrible the smell is, but honestly I don’t think it’s that bad (and I have a pretty sensitive nose), it’s just that the tea tree oil smell is really strong.

And finally my absolute favorite beauty product, my Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet perfume. I’ve talked about my love for this perfume on the blog before, but I will never not share my love of it. I use this perfume almost every day and have been for almost two years now. To me, this scent is just perfect, a nice mix of floral and fruity. Obviously everyone has different opinions on perfume, but I really recommend you give it a try! Next time you’re in a department store or Sephora, give yourself a little spritz and see how the scent holds up throughout the day.

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Happy happy Monday! Or maybe not because who likes Mondays? Today I want to talk about a real issue: the fact that it’s technically fall but it’s still warm out. All I want is to break out my jeans and sweaters and yet the weather here in North Carolina is has been in the 70s and 80s. In order to combat this, I’ve been finding ways to incorporate fall style without sweating to death.


First I started with some summer basics: a white cami and a button down skirt (shop similar). This is a classic combo and you really can’t go wrong. I wore this ensemble out shopping with my parents who came to visit me this weekend.


To really give the whole outfit that fall feeling, I added some cozier details. This long cardigan from the Gap was really essential to change this outfit from summer to fall. I really love this cardigan because it’s so comfy, it’s cute, and it has pockets! I’m also just a fan of longer cardigans in general, it keeps you from looking like a grandma. My mom actually got me this cardigan as a gift and she loved it so much that she bought one in black this weekend (mine is actually a dark gray).

Another fall-inspired detail is this cute fedora. I actually have a problem with fedoras. I never buy them because I usually think they make my head look weird and are just all around unflattering on me, but this one changed my mind. I can’t even tell you what the difference was, but I really love it. Also, I like that the brim is kind of smaller and doesn’t really cast any shade in my eyes. I actually picked this hat up in Aldo’s randomly and fell in love with it. Who knew a shoe store made cute hats too?


Now for the finishing touches. When it’s too warm for booties (sigh) loafers are a great option. Super on trend, comfortable, and guaranteed not to make your feet hot you really can’t deny their perfection. I actually got these Coach loafers last year, but they must be popular because I was still able to find them online.

Next up is my bag. I have a few different bags, but I always fall back on this little crossbody from Michael Kors (I have a similar option linked here and it looks almost exactly the same, but the leather is different). I just really love the size and versatility of this bag. It matches basically anything I wear and even though it’s small, it fits everything I need inside.

For jewelry I just got this new Kendra Scott bracelet and I’m in LOVE (thanks Dad!). Also as a plus, it actually fits my small wrist. Per usual, I’m wearing my Michael Kors watch. I wear it almost every single day and always get compliments on it. The watch I have is over three years old, but there are so many cute options.

Last but not least, my lipstick. I’m kind of a lipstick junkie if you haven’t figured that out yet. This shade is by NARS in the shade Bette. I also just got another one in a similar shade from Urban Decay in bruise. The one from NARS is a little bit darker and the one from Urban Decay goes on sheer, so you have to build up the color, and is definitely glossier. Both look so great on though and a vampy lip color definitely gives your outfit that fall look.

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